What It's Really Like To Be A JMU PINK Campus Rep
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What It's Really Like To Be A JMU PINK Campus Rep

We bleed purple, gold, & now pink.

What It's Really Like To Be A JMU PINK Campus Rep
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For this week I decided to interview JMU Pink Campus Reps! Emily and Carly were super fun to talk to and I got to know more about our JMU Pink Campus Team and what it does.

Your name, major, hometown, year in school?


"I'm a senior from NOVA and majoring in psychology"


"I'm Carly, a junior from northern jersey, with a double major in SMAD & public relations."

Why did you decide to apply to be a campus rep?


"I applied to be a campus rep because before I came here my freshman year, I saw an ad to be part of the team and I wanted to be part of something so fun and be part of a brand I always admired. So I wanted to be a campus rep so I can install the same passion that I have for PINK in others."


"I applied to be a campus rep because I just had a lot of fun being on the team the previous year as social media guru. And I saw applying to be a campus rep as an opportunity to expand my social media and marketing skills. I love pink so much so it felt like the best of both worlds.

What improvements are you making JMU pink, or do you hope to make?


"This year I'm really hoping to get more girls involved, to know that we're here, and to know that a brand that they love so much, loves them the same amount. I hope to bring back our pink collegiate collection. I do think that's an attainable goal considering the motivation and support we've gotten from our campus team, classmates, and the PINK brand."


"What she said, hahaha but seriously though I hope that our support from people on campus continues to make us bigger and more popular so we can finally become a recognized organization on campus. This will help us not only regain our collegiate collection but also hosts so many fun parties and events that all JMU students can attend and benefit from. And we have so much fun at Pink!

What skills have you gained from this program that will help you in the future?


"I think this experience has made me really diligent in my time management because it is a pretty independent job. Also it opened my eyes to so many skills I didn't realize I had such as, being expertise in social media, create marketing plans, and even from this experience I'm considering to apply for a job with Victoria Secret Pink post grad because I love working for the brand so much and considering the skills I've already obtained from being a campus rep for a couple months I can only imagine what more Pink has to offer me in the future."


"After being the campus rep for two years now, I think I realized how strong my communication skills are and how well I really can work with others. It's so nice to have a job that I look forward to waking up to every day and I'm so happy that pink giving me an opportunity to work for a brand that I love and I know that has so much to offer."

I know a lot of people know of you but can you explain more about what you guys do?


"So basically Carly and I are an extension of the Pink campus marketing team. We also serve as a big focus group for the brand to bounce ideas off of and influence product, plan events to help generate buzz about new Pink products. A lot more of the fun marketing side of things."


"Going off that, we plan a ton of events to get JMU students to come out to like fashion show viewing parties, spring break parties, in store parties, and a bunch of other events it just depends on what's going on with Victoria Secret Pink. We do a lot of freebies and giveaways for JMU students to get them hype about new products. We post a lot of social media to engage with followers. Basically, we do everything in our power to inform our campus about all things Pink."

What's your favorite memory together as co-reps with Pink?


"Oh, I have one! I really hate flying, and I was already nervous about flying alone to Ohio and I knew ahead of time that Carly and I were gonna land at the same time. and so I texted Carly when I got off the plane and told her I was getting Starbucks and I will meet her at the baggage claim. So I'm waiting at baggage claim, (this girl we literally traveled the whole summer) and she saw me and looked like she's seen a ghost — hahaha! Carly had told me she had the worst flight of her life and she was convinced the plane was going down. And never having seen clearly in that state and that being the first thing to start off the year was just very fitting for our personalities together."


"In my defense, even the flight attendants were nervous I swear! I literally saw my life flash before my eyes on that plane. And I walk into the airport to see Emily smiling relaxed, dressed up in Lilly Pulitzer and I just died laughing. But anyways, my favorite memory is definitely from Ohio because every campus rep there was so cute and artsy and me and Emily deff had the silly reputation of brand training. Emily is really tall and I'm really short so taking pictures together was just a joke, haha, very awkward and funny. "


"In short, I'm just really grateful for this experience. And I'm especially grateful to have such a wonderful campus to represent."


"Being campus rep, in the most non-cliche way possible, has shaped me into a more professional and independent person. I love JMU and JMU pink, go, Dukes"

Emily & Carly:

"Go follow JMUPINK on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter!"

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