Slam poetry has created a special place in my heart and I wanted to share that passion with you. Please enjoy, "Blankets"

I own three blankets in my dorm room but none of them keep me warm

I curl up with each of them every night looking for warmth

I find the heavier they become, the more I turn cold

My blankets are mental illnesses

I lay in bed with the weight of them on my chest like an anvil someone much stronger than me, forgot to move

I breathe or at least try, I laugh and pretend my lungs aren't being crushed

I am a shell, crumbling under the weight like an eggshell and yet I squeeze out the phrase "I'm fine"

"I'm fine" a broken girls escape goat, a liar's fantasy, a message before the act

I am a supporting actress in my world, never good enough for the main role

If I tried to stand out, I feel the weight again

My bed calls me like a telemarketer that doesn't get the hint

I am a slave to the sheets, a coward curled in the pull of cotton and lace

I cry and pled for the pain to go and each word is a stab its own

But then, the release. The sweet moment when the weight becomes a feather

I fly high against the wind and I pray, I pray for anything but another lie

My mental illnesses are my blankets, but tonight, I choose the cold