Blake Lively Is Racist!!!

So I guess some of y'all heard about Blake Lively causing a stir in recent news, and no, it wasn't the dress she wore at the Cannes Film Festival. Instead, the actress got backlash for posting a picture on her Instagram account with the caption reading: "L.A. face with an Oakland booty."

Okay, so what?

Listen, ask anyone I know and they'll tell you I'm pro-black! I know what you speculators are thinking "You can't be if you're giving this a pass." Blake was quoting a song from Sir Mix-a-Lot famous hit Baby Got Back. It's not like she said anything racially insensitive, and if she did she would have got called out on that sh*t!

I'm not going to knock any woman for celebrating her body against the norm of beauty, but was Blake Lively being racist? No. That quote alone is un-related to the biggest question: why having a big butt is dehumanized when she is black, but celebrated when she is white? That's what we should have a conversation about. But just because Blake posted a quote that wasn't meant to be racially charged, that means we should attack her online?

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