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4 Reasons Blair Waldorf Was, And Will Always Be, The Ultimate Queen B

Although the position has multiple holders, only one Upper East Sider will ever hold the spot.

4 Reasons Blair Waldorf Was, And Will Always Be, The Ultimate Queen B

"Gossip Girl.... oh, Gossip Girl." If you know, you know.

One of the most scandalous, exciting series to ever do it. From it's mesmerizing wardrobes to its beautiful setting in New York City, this series is known for it's a reflection of the glitz and glamour in, a life we may secretly want to live. Aside from just the lifestyle though, are the overly privileged characters. All of which were dealt with a lucky hand.

Most specifically, Miss Blair Waldorf, the Queen B of all of the Upper East Side. Everyone envied her, many loved her, few could relate to her, and no one could be her, making her the most iconic character in the entire series. Besides her being overly dramatic, witted Blair, we all know and love, there are just a few more reasons why Blair Waldorf will always be the one and only queen of the show.

A girl's walk-in dream


Of course, we knew Blair to be rich. Overly rich, if that's even possible. Blair being Blair, she didn't let her insane wealth go to waste. Her closet...speechless. She never let any outfit be too bland or too much, always adding the right pieces to the right places. From Moschino to Bvlgari to Chanel, the girl knew fashion and her closet didn't say otherwise.

Beauty & brains


Blair Waldorf, the queen of everything. Even education. She believed her fate was to achieve admission into Yale, setting her hopes high to follow in her Bvlgari footsteps.

She made nothing short of a B, studied hard and worked even harder to make her dreams come true. Even though she used a bit of scheming to get there, Blair ultimately always found a way to be the brightest girl in the room.

A fairy tale reality 

blair waldorf

One of the most iconic realities of Blair is the fact that she made her dream of becoming royalty a reality. In season 3, after getting her heart broken by the one and only Chuck Bass, Blair decided it was time to take a trip around the world and Paris was the destination.

While casually site seeing, she happened to meet a prince, an actual prince, whom quickly swept her off her feet. Shortly after dating, the couple tied the knot, making Miss Blair Waldorf the Queen of New York and Princess to her husband, Prince Louie.

Friends forever


Despite the drama, fights, and breakups, Blair was blessed with some of the greatest friends one could ever meet. Having Serena Vanderwoodsen as a bestie, that's a win. Nate Archibald as an ex-turned best friend, even better. Dan Humphrey, an intellectual with taste as bright as hers, was a relief in her world of wealth and fame. But greatest of all, her greatest friend, her only love, Chuck Bass, was one who made sure to keep Blair happy. With friends like this, what more could you need?

Throughout the years, the group grew closer through their many trials and tribulations of their world. No matter what "Gossip Girl" blast went out or what the latest scandal was, Blair was always promised a tight-knit group of friends, making her one envied but loved Queen B.

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