I pose a threat to your kind

I'm an ape as you call me

I come from heat below the Equator

No wonder my nose is HUGE

I come fresh off the boat as you believe

I'm armed with your harm

I'm 5’2.5” and 110 lbs

But you fear I'll attack you

I have no heart and no soul

Nothing beats and it's cold

I hear the devil call my name

I am the devil as you think

Because God does not make mistakes

That's what the Christians say

That he kept me in the oven for too long?

So that's why I can't love God?

That's why he can't love me?

Even though, scientifically, my skin came naturally and first, and yours was unintended as a sickness?

Even though “God loves all His children”?

Even though “He's got the whole wide world in His hands”?

Even though Jesus wasn't even frickin white?

Why am I a monster to you?

When you enslave me

Why do you think I'm gonna hurt you?

Because you whipped me

Why are you scared of my dad and brother around your little girls?

Because you raped me

And you've got the nerve to call me a monster?

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