On the afternoon of February 14th 2018, Nikolas Cruz walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with an AR-15 rifle and gunned down 17 people.

Like clockwork, the debate over guns has resurfaced. And the phrases, "gun reform," and "common sense gun laws" headline almost every major story following the deaths of these 14 students and 3 members of the faculty.

While most liberals are using their common sense and calling for stricter screenings on who can purchase guns, as well as bans on certain rifles, a few too many conservatives choose to hear "ban all the guns and let them cancel freedom!"

In fact, many conservatives, along with the Cheeto-In-Chief, have decided that the solution to the problem is to put out fire with more fire. Their argument is that having more guns in schools will make the schools safer. This made think of the officer assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas. You know, the one who hid outside the entire time? Deputy Scot Peterson. In fact, just yesterday I read an article about him. Did you know he was actually a former employee of the month? Someone at ABC felt like this guy deserved an entire article to highlight all the "good things" he has done. All I can do is assume that maybe this was to spray a little Febreze on the STANK fact that the only armed member of law enforcement hid outside in a corner and let 17 people die on his watch.

So, the government wants to waste more of our tax dollars on paying cowards who do nothing all day but eat potato chips and ride around campus harassing the female students? I mean, this man didn't even go inside. He fired not a single shot and lead not a single student to safety. He didn't even try, and we want more of him?

But everyone then clarified what they meant by wanting more guns in schools. It isn't that they want more police officers assigned to campuses, it's that they want Mrs. Peggy Johnson from the English department strapping a piece to her ankle every morning while going over her Huckleberry Finn lecture notes.

Now, chances are they will never get the funding to provide guns for even the smallest percentage of teachers or even training for those who have their own, but lets play devil's advocate for a second (seeing as how everyone else seems to be doing so these days) and say that a handful of teachers in every public elementary, middle and high school across the U.S were given handguns and some sort of training.

There are a handful of obvious reasons as to why this is just a really bad idea.

First of all, teachers simply wouldn't be able to get to the gun on time in most cases, and I'm sure we're not expecting Mrs. Johnson to boss up and go leaping over bookshelves and sliding under desks to get to it while "crater-face Johnny" is waving around and assault rifle.

Then there's the high probability that the children would find the gun and hurt themselves or others. Let's not pretend that these teachers are REALLY watching these children every second of every day. There's a reason kids come home with gum in their hair or a detention letter for somehow finding the time to create whole damn Crayola murals on the walls when no one was looking.

Then what about the very real chance that teachers will use the gun or at least the idea of the gun to scare children into submission. You really want your child to come home saying that Mr. Smith threatened to "bust a cap" in his ass if he didn't stop whispering during silent reading?

And could you even imagine what would happen to Black teachers carrying guns? I honestly think this is a setup. The government wants to hand guns to Black people for them to get caught with, perceived as a threat and then gunned down by police. Think that's a reach? Two words...Philando Castile.

Now, here one final scenario and I am sure will be all too common...

Teachers would murder Black and brown children.

Arming teachers will directly result in Black and brown students being shot to death.

I mean, think about. Trayvon Martin got shot by a wanna-be-cop because he was perceived to have been "somewhere he shouldn't." Police officers are legitimately trained to not jump at the sight of a leaf falling, but they still panic in the presence someone larger than them that happens to be Black basically every day.

What do you think is gonna happen to Jamal when the shaky Calculus teacher catches him skipping class and eating a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos behind the gym? I'll tell you what will happen. Jamal will die from the clip that was emptied into his chest, the teacher will be questioned by local law enforcement—questioned, not arrested—and then let go while crying about how bad he feels after his mistake. Then white America will rally around the teacher in the court of public opinion to let him know that it was okay to have shot the unarmed n*gger because this never would have happened if he were in English class like he was supposed to be.Then they will remind everyone of how much of a "bad seed" he was by bringing up the fact that his parents are un-wed, his history of skipping school and tendency of turning in assignments late.

We'll hold a Black Lives Matter rally, to which the Cheeto-in-Chief will make some disparaging remarks about and Angela Rye and Symone Sanders will then have to shut down some crusty ol' white lady and her foolishness on CNN...rinse, wash, repeat. And in the off chance this teacher IS sat down in an actual court of law, a jury of his peers will NEVER convict him because incident after incident and murder after murder, history has taught us that white people are generally afraid of Black people, and Black people are never worthy of the benefit of the doubt.

My point is that America is entirely too racist to arm another set of public servants with guns when the ones who have them now use literally images of young Black men as target practice.