3 Types of People You See While Black Friday Shopping
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3 Types of People You See While Black Friday Shopping

There are three types of people you see while Black Friday shopping and they're completely undeniable.

3 Types of People You See While Black Friday Shopping
The Dallas Morning News

The Pro

The Pro is probably the first type of shopper you will see, probably because they are usually the first in line- hours before the doors even open.You can usually find them sitting in their lawn chairs with blankets, drinks, and snacks. They typically scout the ads weeks before the sale and know all the best deals. They have a list of everything they are going after in each store and have already price matched items between stores. Like most people on a mission, they usually travel in packs. These shoppers often make this a family event and bring their relatives. If they're really a pro, each person in the family will be assigned an item to go get.

Black Friday Shoppers Lined Up Early AVAX News

The Unprepared

Black Friday Shopper Who Couldn't Handle the RushThe Crazy Coupon Lady

The unprepared shopper is one who has done this before, but not for very long. This person knows the stores they want to shop at, but don't quite have it mapped out like the Pro. They know the items they want to purchase but haven't price matched and likely aren't getting the best deals out there. They can be found near the middle of the line with no supplies such as extra jackets and hand warmers and don't have any chairs. These shoppers can usually be found in couples by themselves as the wander around the stores looking for the items they think they want to purchase, before putting at least half of them back.

The Last Minute Shopper

Shoppers Rushing to Grab a CartNY Daily News

The last minute shopper has no idea what they are doing. Likely, a family member called them a few hours before the rush started and invited them to tag along. These families are likely pro shoppers who are inviting someone extra to have on their team. These shoppers have no items in mind they plan on purchasing, but are the ones who usually get caught up in the midst of the madness and end up purchasing things that aren't on their Christmas shopping list in the first place. They probably don't even know stores have maps for shopping frenzy and wander around completely lost; they have no idea that the tvs can be found in the grocery section. These shoppers are probably still wearing their dress clothes and heels to shop in, instead of comfy shopping clothes.

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