There isn't a real big following for Blac Youngsta, but he has become one of the more recognizable faces in the rap game due to his presence on Instagram. He came to fame dissing Young Dolph, who is also a famous rapper that lives in the same city that they both claim, Memphis, with the song Shake Sum.

After dissing the rapper and catching social media's attention with his outlandish comments, random rants of how he feels, and contradictory way of flashing around his money, Blac Youngsta has slowly become social media's passive aggressiveness personified. Just like memes help us cope and add some satire to what can be a mundane life at times, Youngsta has become the walking meme.

"F*** you looking at B***h" — Blac Youngsta

The video in which Blac Youngsta used this phrase is one of many memes because of the context that you could pull from the video. Blac Youngsta is exiting his van to go to a store and the camera begins to gaze and focus on to him. He then proceeds with his statement. This was captioned as "When I walk into Heaven and everyone is surprised." The amount of relatable content in the meme along with video helps us describe what the caption is saying. Using Blac Youngsta as the perfect subject to be bold as we lack to be.

Though Blac Youngsta is an Instagram comedian, he is also a very good rapper. He has a creative style that is an acquired taste for some but can grow on you quickly. The parallel between his rap lyrics and his Instagram posts are very similar. He famously annunciates the word "whore" while exhaling for emphasis while he closely approaches the camera in his videos. To some extent, this is relatable and can be how we feel at times.

Not only is Blac Youngsta our passive aggressiveness personified, but the amount of cares that he has is subcutaneous compared to the normal citizen. Most people wouldn't want to be caught dead on camera saying certain things or performing certain actions. Youngsta embraces the camera and uses it as his platform to be his self. HIs boldness to post the way he does has given us another outlet to funnel that passive aggressive we have pent up in us.

He also has dropped a new album called "F*** Everybody 2," so I would suggest copping that.