Birthdays Are Insignificant?

Birthdays Are Insignificant?

Think Twice About That.

Every year, it's just what seems like another day, but it is not. It is "the day of birth". The day you were brought into this world. The day other lives changed forever, such as your siblings, parents, and friends. As you get older though, it may just seem like another day, but it is not.

As I just turned twenty while in college, my birthday truly just felt like another day in life: nothing special. Maybe it is because I attended classes all day and the day remained normal, but then I really thought about it.

I thought about the significance of a birthday.

A birthday is a time to tell someone how much you love them. To tell someone how grateful you are that they came into this world because they have blessed your life for the better.

A birthday is a time to show someone how you can't live without them, and a time to make them feel like the world would be a different place if it wasn't for their existence.

A birthday is special. Whether you view your birthday or others as just another ordinary day like I used to, change your mindset.

Next time a loved one in your life experiences a birthday, show them your love. Don't just buy them something nice. Write them a heartfelt card - tell them how much they mean to you.

What if your friend did not come into the world on the day they did? What if they simply never came into the world? Thankfully though, they did. They did on their birthday.

So first, change your mindset about the potential insignificance and thoughts that birthdays are overrated, and next, celebrate the birthday in the right way. Don't just buy someone a birthday present because "it is their birthday", but buy someone something that means something. Write a note to someone that means something.

A birthday is not just another day, it is a day of birth and a day that the world brings another human into the world who could indeed change the world.

Embrace the birthdays. The day of birth of others and yourself are a big day.

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Happy Birthday

Thank you Dad.

So they always say that there is going to be one man in your life that loves you unconditionally from the day you are born for the rest of your life.

This man will be the one to read you bed time stories when you're little and will one day walk you down an aisle to give you away. He will be there for the biggest moments of your life. The dance recitals, the color guard contests, the band concerts, and everything in between.

A person who is going to look at you when a boy breaks your heart at fifteen years old and be ready to take him on for you. A man that will teach you how to change your brakes, how to manage money, and how you can be the best version of yourself every day.

I'm lucky enough to know that he is my dad.

Thank you for everything you have done for me as I have grown up. Thank you for teaching me how to change a tire on my car, how to be business savvy, how to be independent, and how to be myself. You also taught me how to stand up for myself which has made me a better person each and every day.

There are countless things that you do for me that I am always grateful for. I know I don't always say thank you when I should so this is a way that I wanted to use to do so.

Thank you for inspiring me to participate in marching band for all of those years and for always giving me advice on how I can and continue to improve myself each day.

Happy Birthday to you. Watch a soccer game and hang out with the cat since you're her favorite anyway.



Cover Image Credit: Monica Perryman

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I Donut Know About You But My Friends Can Definitely Be Described As Donuts

Num Num

We all love our friends, amiright. They make us laugh. They make us feel supported and loved. But, what if they were donut flavors.....

Your main homegirl is the classic chocolate frosted donut. She the girl you always go to no matter the issue. Anytime you have good news or even gossip to spill, she is the first person you want to contact. If she doesn’t respond instantly to your messages it is actually the most offensive thing in the world, because literally what is more important than you.... nothing.

Your froomie (a friend who is also your roommate) is strawberry frosted with sprinkles. You guys have midnight talks and extensive girl sessions. She probably one the few people who have seen you the most upset which you can thank your tight living space for. You guys communicate "pretty well", but the communication is probably very sweet with maybe a hint of passive aggressiveness just because who wants “real” problems in their living space. Thus the strawberry flavor with the sprinkles is perf because its cute with a little bite to it but nothing too harsh.

Your classroom buddy is Boston Creme. They are so sweet and they are the primary reason why you feel comfortable skipping class (hint they take super good notes). You guys sometimes get food after class and fill each other in on your lives. You always love when they ask you about something you told them two weeks ago. You guys are always vibing for sureeee.

Your travel buddy/ adventure partner/ usually the one who your end up on the dance floor with is cinnamon. She is saucy, fun loving, and totally gets you out of your comfort zone. You are 100 times more extra with her, and it is the best feeling in the world.

That one mutual friend your know through your homegirl is a glazed donut. You don't really know her but you have met her a couple times through your homegirl, and since your homegirl loves her you make sure to always say hi to her on campus. She also randomly in one or two of your instas.

Your best guy friend is a Krispy Kreme or any kind of authentic donut from your bakery back home. He is def the one donut, unlike the rest. He is calm, drama free, and easy to talk to. He likes almost all of your friends, which you are chill with because he is a genuinely good person and friend.

Your friend from home is a chocolate marble frosted donut. This donut is an exact replica of the homegirl chocolate frosted donut but with an extra vanilla frosting on the top. You have known her the longest and she is one of your favorite people ever. You guys obviously don't talk as much as you did in high school.

But, you guys are doing a pretty good job considering that you all are living completely disjointed lives. You love her with all your heart, and you do with all your other kinds of friends. They each bring something special to your life and I'm sure you do the same for them.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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