A friend in need is a friend indeed! Cheers to all my lovely friends. Friendship implies to both humans and animals. A friend of mine is a humble and caring person. He found a bird that was wounded and took it home. The bird had broken its wings and was bleeding. He nursed it, bought bird feed and is taking care of the abandoned bird.

It feels great to know such a wonderful person. Values and morals taught at a younger age would result in such a behavior. Most of us would not take such a risk and care for the bird. He even contacted the animal and bird rescue centers and has not received effective response from them. I would like to call him as the Bird-man. People are trying to kill people these days and the majority of us do not care for animals or birds. This small kind act by this man is commendable. He has saved a life!

The bird looks like a pigeon but it is not. The bird is recuperating and it looks like its feathers are growing back again. Hope it gets alright soon and would start to fly. My friend helped this helpless bird and it’s a great quality of him. In life, the good deeds we do always come back to us in some way or the other. You must see the picture of the bird that my friend sent to me and it is really cute. My friend wanted to stay anonymous in my story. Hope the bird gets well and is ready to fly. After all, what do birds do, they have to fly.

My friend already has an emotional connect with the bird and takes great care of it. I just can’t imagine his sorrow when the bird would be ready to fly and it leaves him. This is a tale of two beautiful souls and I wanted people to hear this story through this platform. Please share your feedback and views regarding the bird and provide any help that it could receive from the bird rescue centers. I also want to know if anyone else has faced a similar situation or got in touch with any bird care center. I also would like to tell everyone to show care to animals and birds. Hoping for the best for the bird and my friend!