Memories of Summers Spent in Dennisport, Massachusetts

Memories of Summers Spent in Dennisport, Massachusetts

Did someone say Bingo?

Cassi Burgin

Dennisport is a small village nestled within the town of Dennis, Massachusetts, and it's a place I hold close to my heart. When someone mentions Cape Cod my mind flashes to many summers spent at a cottage on Glendon Road. I am forever thankful that my Grand Parents, Parents, Aunt and Uncle provided that vacation every summer. In my eyes I see way more to Cape Cod then the Beach, Baseball and Cranberries. Three things most people are likely to associate with Cape Cod Mass.

I will never forget the six-hour road trip we had to make every summer or that my grandfather whom we called Boppa would stay up and wait for us to arrive. After his passing in 2002 my Uncle took on this role.

Once in Dennisport the week was spent collecting sea shells,making trips to Bastians 5 and 10, eating Ice Cream from the Sundae School, pizza from Joeys and Seafood from the Kream and Kone, sitting on the beach, swimming in the ocean and playing Mini Golf, jumping at the outdoor Trampoline Park, driving go karts and bumper boats. We picked something different every night.

If I close my eyes I am back on the deck with my cousin and sister yelling Bingo on command as the campground across the way hosted Bingo Night. After we yelled Bingo the announcer would say "Bingo did someone say Bingo" and we would yell Bingo again. We would go until we left to go somewhere or my Aunt Put a stop to it. Being kids we all thought it was hilarious, she however never did find the humor in it.

Trips to Bastians were always looked forward to and sometimes happened at least once a day, especially if someone lost there parachute man over the fence because there was poison ivy on the the other side. My mom would buy us each a parachute man and we would go home and launch them from the top two decks of the cottage and then run downstairs and outside to the backyard to retrieve them if they hadn't landed on the deck below. If someone lost theirs they would hope my mom had an extra one (she always did).

We spent as much time at the beach as we could and when it wasn't a beach day the adults made sure we weren't bored stuck at the cottage. They would find something for us to go do, sometimes if you got lucky and it wasn't something you wanted to do you could stay home with Amma or go do something with someone else. Boppa taught my cousin and I how to play Black Jack using pennies and he let us keep the change. One year my dad and Uncle took all the older kids somewhere and I got to go to the movies with my Aunt just the two of us. I have always remembered that day and how willing she had been to take me to do something just her and I. My Uncle used to let me accompany him on his Dunkin Donuts runs in later years if I was awake in the morning before he left.

When I was little I was always the first kid to wake up and that meant walking to the beach with Boppa for his morning walk. He would always wait to go with me or would go a second time with me if he had already gone. When we got back from the beach he would make me breakfast, cheerios with bananas and sugar.

Going to the beach was always my favorite thing to do. I used to be a fish and my parents would have to drag me out of the water just to put sun screen on. I protested every time and would bolt back into the water before it had soaked in. That''s probably the reason I always ended up sunburnt. To this day I still love swimming in the ocean and having the waves knock me over. My aunt would often take me back during high tide so i could boogie board in the bigger waves.

Even though it's been a couple summers since i've spent more than a couple days in Dennisport I still love it. It will always be my favorite little beach town in Massachusetts and nothing can ever change that. I treasure all of the memories and every time I think about Cape Cod I think about all the summers spent at the beach. I hope my 1-year old cousin will one day have memories of my favorite place just like i do.

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