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8 Reasons You Need To Binge 'Queer Eye' Right Now

Log into your ex's Netflix and shamelessly spend your day off watching both seasons from start to finish.

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Reality television is a whole new beast these days. We have strained away from the wholesome era of "The Note" and into a cringe-worthy "family reunion." We went from watching a salt and pepper race-car driver swap out his fiancée for the 2018 model, to her turning a very public heartbreak into 23 new possible husbands.

However, "Queer Eye" makes up for all of the ugly out there as the Fab Five work together to revamp a major fashion disaster. This show combines HGTV "Flip this House" realness with a shiny new homosexual version of TLC's "What Not to Wear"(only real ones will remember this iconic show). Here are eight reasons why you should put your comfy pants on and binge "Queer Eye" all night!

1. It's wholesome AF

Karamo and Antoni surprising Tom in Season 1, Episode 1

Let me just tell you, the very first episode literally made me sob by the end. The series takes place in Georgia, so naturally, the first episode initially made me nervous. How was this old white man from the south going to react to five gay men taking over his everything? Had Tom ever even met five gay people in his entire life? I was nervous Jonathan's raunchy personality was going to be too much for him to bear. However, to my pleasure, everything went swimmingly and it was an adorable love fest that DID make me cry. 11/10 do recommend watching late at night while eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

2. The Fab Five really are ~fabulous~

Cheers to that, am I right?

Just look at them. Inside and out they are a group of amazing people whose appearances are nothing compared to their fiery personalities. Each member is as multi-dimensional and unique as the next which really makes for amazing collaboration. While Tan finds the perfect wardrobe, Karamo works to build up confidence and work on lifestyle habits, and Bobby designs them a beautiful functional space. They each have their own "specialty" that finds a way to shine every episode.

3. Antoni's dishes are super crave-worthy

When you find out this man drinks pickle juice from the JAR.

When the Fab Five comes to fix up your life, they go all in. This includes opening sad, barren fridges and judging the CRAP out of how little fresh ingredients some of these people have. Every episode Antoni teaches us another deliciously simple dish they literally *AnYoNe* can make (trust me - some of these people seemed hopeless and they did it). So next time you're stumped on what to make for dinner, maybe get some inspo right from Netflix! Or you can just grab a jar of pickles and drink the juice, whatever suits you.

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4. Addresses controversial issues in a genuine way

I was intrigued the first time producers chose to have something *dramatic* happen. They addressed the ever growing police brutality and BLM issue when they were set to help a police officer. It was very tasteful and heartfelt to watch them acknowledge the issues that arose and talk them trough and gain understanding. They also touch upon Christianity and homosexuality and the struggles of being a black gay man in the south.

5. Pretty much anything Jonathan says/does

The kween of one-liners. Like there is a Jonathan VanNess gif for every occasion, no matter what the group chat is talking about. He never fails to put a smile on everyone's face even if he takes things a little far sometimes, it's all in good fun. I'd let him dye my hair fluorescent pink if it meant getting to spend an hour with him. Can you believe? Iconic.

Related image

6. It actually makes you think (!!!)

Reality television is often very shallow and its sole purpose is to entertain. However, this Netflix original series is much more introspective than you'd think. A lot of Karamo's life lessons are really simple but not always supper apparent. The show often touches on how not looking your best (or your room being quite the mess) actually plays into how you feel about yourself and how you come off to others.

7. It will cheer you up

"Queer Eye" was there for me during finals week. I literally think I would have drowned in my own tears studying for calculus this semester but my study breaks were filled with heart-tugging moments of pure wholesomeness. No matter what kind of mood you're in I promise this show will make you feel 110% better by the final transformation.

8. It's finally some LGBTQ+ representation in television

LGBTQ+ characters are severely underrepresented in the media. Forget about black and middle eastern gay men, the representation there is nearly zero. However, not only is the cast obviously a group on homosexual men, but not every person they help is a typical straight guy. It's amazing to see the work they do and the representation in the media finally being present AF.

"Queer Eye" is one of the best reality shows I've ever seen and has yet to disappoint. Every episode is unique and interesting and full of love. It literally brings me to tears at the end of every episode. I mean if you are not convinced by now then I guess that's your loss! Season 2 is available now on Netflix. Check it out today!

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