If you're like me, you've already finished watching season 3 of "Queer Eye" on Netflix. Or, maybe you've never watched "Queer Eye" but you've heard how amazing it is and you want to check it out. Whether you want to relive season 3 or figure out if the show is worth watching, this list is for you.

Full disclosure, I found all eight of the episodes to be inspiring, uplifting and downright entertaining. Each of the heroes (the show's subjects) were incredible and the Fab Five did what they do best. However, this was the first season that I thought some of the episodes really stood out over the others.

Plus, who doesn't love a good ranking?

8. Episode 7: "Sloth to Slay"


I feel awful ranking this episode as my least favorite, but the other seven episodes were simply better. Thomas and his sister were adorable, their story really resonated with me, and I was happy to see how Thomas progressed. However, this episode just didn't have that tear-jerker moment that "Queer Eye" fans know and love.

7. Episode 8: "Baby on Board"


I think I was extra let down by this episode because the season finales have been so good in the past, and this one just wasn't on par. The only reason this episode did not rank last for me was (spoiler alert) the proposal. The baking scene with Tony, his daughter, and Antony was definitely a highlight in this one too.

However, I still found this episode to be quite boring. I was also furious that Tony shaved his beard after Jonathan did such a great job cleaning it up! The horror in JVN's eyes as he watched Tony shave in the playback broke my heart.

6. Episode 5: "Black Girl Magic"


This was another great episode that got pushed to the bottom of my list due to the sheer greatness of the others. In the end, this episode really had some beautiful moments. Jess has such a beautiful soul and her bond that she formed with Bobby and Karamo was so special. Maybe this episode was missing the wow-factor for me because Jess was already a fashionable girl with pretty hair so the best the Fab Five could do was refine her beauty. That being said, this is definitely an episode you won't want to miss.

5. Episode 4: "When Robert Met Jamie"


I really enjoy any "Queer Eye" episode where the hero is really open to embrace the process and this was one of them. With the help of the Fab Five, Robert was really able to clean up his act just in time for his wedding. This episode also had my favorite work from Bobby for the season and one of my favorite makeovers from JVN. The wedding footage at the end was absolutely precious.

4. Episode 2: "Lost Boy"


I loved this episode because of the amazing transformations. Bobby, Tan and Jonathan really outdid themselves on this one. I didn't know how Tan would pull off dressing a guy that works outside for hours, in the summer, with children, but he pulled it off. I also really enjoyed watching the happy ending for Joey and his son.

3. Episode 6: "Elrod & Sons"


This episode has a lot of special moments, including the adorable scene where Antoni pretends to be a velociraptor with the Elrod boys. If I'm being honest here, this episode had me crying over and over again. My favorite scene of the entire season comes from this episode. That's right — I'm talking about the reveal of the chest that Bobby made to hold the memories of Alison (deceased mother and wife) with her handwriting from the boy's birthday cards engraved inside. Bobby really outdid himself there.

The scene with the storybook that had Alison's recorded voice reading to the boys was a close second for my favorite scene of the season.

2. Episode 1: From Hunter to Huntee


Let's be real, Jody's hair transformation is some of JVN's best work. I really loved everything about this episode, but her transformation really sealed the deal for me. Karamo's idea to bring Jody to a support circle to speak to other women was also very touching.

I'd say this was the most memorable episode of the season for sure.

1. Episode 3: Jones Bar-B-Q


I'd be willing to bet that this episode was the favorite of a lot of people. The Jones sisters were so humble, hard-working, lovable and sweet. It was so great to see the Fab Five help them find their confidence and the time to care for themselves. The scene where Shorty gets her teeth fixed is perfect for anytime you feel like having a good ol' ugly cry. Something tells me these ladies make a mean brisket and I intend to find out for myself someday.