If you're going out to eat today, please know:

1. Server: Walks over to a table Everyone At The Table: Continues talking

2. "Is it too late to change my order"

3. * Orders rib-eye and 3 glasses of wine * *Is visibly shocked when they receive the bill*


4. Interrupts you to get their check, but takes 20+ minutes to pay.

5. "We'll have a table of ten. One adult, nine children."


6. Not understanding that well-done food takes significantly longer to cook

7. Your server did not cook your food


But as a part of our job, we face the consequences if there were mistakes.

8. "Have you checked on our food?????"

9. Asking for extra sides and substitutions will cost more. 

10. Not tipping you as well because the menu prices are high

11. Coming into the kitchen to complain...this is literally psycho.


12. Server: *Places check on table* Customer: "Can we actually have 15 separate checks?"

13. *Your table has been finished for 45 minutes* "Is it okay if we just hang here for a while?"

14. If the restaurant is busy, realize you will not receive the same exact service as if it were empty  

15. Additionally, if you are in an extreme rush, let your server know as soon as possible. 

16. "Can I have a hot tea, with a side of lemon, honey, and sugar?"

17. Being passive aggressive/talking about your server when they are clearly able to hear you.

18. Finishing your plate and then complaining about the food...


19. Trying to get free food/drinks out of your server

20. Talking on the phone for 20+ minutes before ordering 

21. When your server comes to check on your table, at least nod or acknowledge them 

22. Understand that your server makes well below minimum wage, and tips are a huge part of their income.

23. Therefore, if you are a regular, your server will remember if you're a good or bad tipper 

24. Only say you're ready to order, if you actually are.

25. Not making room when the server is holding 4 plates of hot food

26. If you have an allergy, make your server aware as soon as possible

27. "Hi, my name -" "Yes can we have 4 waters with lemon."


28. Coming extremely early or late for your reservation 

29. Walking directly past the host and seating yourself (at a dirty table)

30. Getting angry at the server because your card declined...

31. "Can I pay for $4.50 in cash, $13.99 on my card, and $17.01 with a check?"

32. Treating your server like a servant instead of a person who is just trying to do their job.