Biggest Moves From The MLB Trade Deadline
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Biggest Moves From The MLB Trade Deadline

You're either a buyer or a seller.

Biggest Moves From The MLB Trade Deadline

The All Star break is over, and now it is time for teams to get down to business. July 31 may just be an ordinary date to some people, but for the MLB it's a like a sale for their team — you're either a buyer or a seller. Sellers have given up on their seasons and will sell their best players to build for the future, and buyers give away their future prospects for a chance at postseason play. Few players feel safe leading up to the the trade deadline. An example is the Mets' short stop Wilmer Flores, who was shown crying mid-game after hearing trade rumors. It will be interesting to see how this years trade deadline plays out in a very close postseason race.

Here are this year's biggest moves from the trade deadline.

Toronto Blue Jays Trade For Tulo and Price

The Toronto Blue Jays are starting to make a surprising run towards the postseason. Although as of the deadline date they sit six games back in a sad AL East division, they remain only two games behind in the Wildcard. The Blue Jays gave away Jose Reyes and prospects for Colorado Rockies shorts stop Troy Tulowitzki. The Rockies certainly have nothing to look forward to this October being 12.5 games out of the Wildcard, and Tulo made good with the Jays hitting a homer in his first game. A few days after Toronto got the big bat for their already explosive offense, they decided to work on their pitching rotation by acquiring former Cy Young winner David Price from the Tigers. After the first half of the season seeing the Blue Jays being rather average, they are definitely ready to be strong postseason contenders.

Texas Rangers Trade For Cole Hamels

Being three games under .500, the Texas Rangers aren't likely contenders for October, but they could certainly make a run being four games out of a Wildcard berth. Cole Hamels threw a no-hitter for the Phillies just days before his trade, and several teams were after him leading up to the trade deadline. The Rangers won over Hamels in an eight-person deal. This addition to the Rangers is a big step for them this season, and they are becoming more likely for a spot in the playoffs this year. This trade must have also made Cole Hamels very happy that he can bring his arm to a team that doesn't have the worst record in the MLB (Phillies).

New York Mets Trade Cespedes

No one ever expects the New York Mets to be doing well, but they are surprising everyone this year sitting in a close second in the NL East. The Mets were able to acquire Yoenis Cespedes, a former Home Run Derby winner, with the expense of two minor league pitchers. New York will be Cespedes' fourth team in just two years. This is a big move for the Mets if they finally want play ball in October for the first time in nine years. What is great about this trade is that the Mets were able to hold onto some key players, and they did not have to hurt their minors too bad.

Other Notable Trades

Kansas City Royals acquire starting pitcher, Johnny Cueto and infielder/outfielder Ben Zobrist. With the best record in the American League, it is not that big of a deal to add these players to an already dominant team, but these two should secure them number one in the American League for sure.

Houston Astros acquire pitchers Scott Kazmir, Mike Fiers and outfielder Carlos Gomez. The Astros could really use these players to distance themselves from the second place Angels in the AL West.

Bad Trade

Chicago Cubs traded their minor league prospects for right-handed pitcher Dan Haren. Don't get me wrong, Dan Haren is a good pitcher. I once threw a perfect game using him on my GameCube playing MVP Baseball 2005 — key word: 2005. The Cubs aren't completely selling me that this is finally their year (despite the prediction of "Back to The Future Pt. II") even though they are just two games back from a Wildcard playoff berth. I don't believe an average, aging,veteran will help this season considering the Cubs already have a good pitching staff staring Jon Lester. Chicago should have held onto their prospects and hoped for a great 2016 season, but Dan Haren might still have some of his old pitching magic left this season.

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