Honestly, I see this saying in multiple magazines, advertisements, billboards, articles, and well, EVERYWHERE. And I am beginning to truly wonder what this means. Advertisers can say the “Perfect Body,” or demonstrate the “perfect body” through Photoshop and mass-editing tools, but who is to say that the way that specific advertiser displays a body is the perfect way?

Growing up people say nobody is perfect, and preach that perfection is unachievable because everyone is perfect in their own ways, and there’s no one way define perfection, so where has this idea gone? What happens to those kids that believe that, and then grow up to see the “Perfect Body”, advertised in every media outlet?

But, no worries, diet pills, and supplements to go along with it! Not to mention the fact that throughout the decades, and throughout countries, the “Perfect Body” ideal, has changed drastically. So why do people get so caught up in what the ideal is at this moment, when the people behind the screen, editing this perfect body, are just doing what they’re told by some boss, in some country who knows where...

Every body type is special, and everyone should feel good about themselves. I am a big advocator for this because I don’t like the fact that a marketer can make someone feel so bad about themselves, when all they really want to do is make money off you. They don’t care about you as a person, or what you do with your life, or your goals and aspirations… and if those aspirations have nothing to do with trying to morph into the ideal body, then you are strong and more confident then the majority of the population.

Which is amazing! So stay strong and confident, and try to show happiness to everyone around you, because you don’t have to look like a billboard to feel good about yourself, or to achieve your goals, or to be loved by another person.

Self-love is one of the most important things, especially in this day and age. If you love yourself, you can get through anything. I believe this because it is so difficult in our world, surrounded by pictures and media and diet adds, to only think about your weight and what you look like, and why you don’t look like the photoshopped model on every billboard.

But once you get past the false realities that are thrown into our world (without us asking), you will realize how beautiful you are, and how nobody else should be able to define your beauty.

So stay BeYOUtiful.