A mid-tour album from The Carters deserves reviewing

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Break The Internet, Again, And The Internet Says, "Thank You"

Thoughts after listening to an unexpected nine song album once.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Break The Internet, Again, And The Internet Says, "Thank You"

On, June 23, 2018, Queen Bey and Husband, Jay-Z, hit the world with another album bomb. After regaining consciousness, I sat down and listened to EVERYTHING IS LOVE. This is what went through my mind, as each song rang free.



First of all, Bey did not have to hit me with her angelic voice like that.

Summer has a unique vibe that can fit into multiple situations. Definitely worthy of laying in bed with the lights out, riding down the highway, or cuddling with your significant other. Because of this, the meaning behind the album is very clear within minutes.



There are certain songs that you just know will have bomb choreography created in the near future that you will practice in private for hours, and this is one of those songs. This track is, without a doubt, a BOP. I want to hear it at every club, party, hallway, restroom..if it has speakers, this song needs to be blasting!

SHADE: When Jay-Z calls out the Super Bowl, "you need me. I don't need you," I CHOKEDT



Another, BOP, if you ask me. Four minutes dedicated to a Carter Family factual presentation entitled, "You really ain't shit, but I am." A+ work, per usual. It's always an honor to feel inferior to Queen Bey and Jay-Z. Honestly, what is wrong with BeyHive and all other listeners of The Carter Family's music? Why is it, the smaller we feel after listening, the more we support? Ya'll...we need help.



Frankly, they snapped. Is the same sentence with the interruption of the same expression repeated about 200 times and labeled a song? Yes. Do I care? No. Can The Carter's, in fact, do anything? Shoot....maybe.

Bey makes it clear that she is not bothered by ANYONE and, if she was, "would've put Lemonade up on Spotify!" Queen is here to create and share art, regardless of how many people are exposed to it.

Jay-Z went off on this one. He addressed lawsuits, and his lack of care for the world's attempts to slow him down. Hov is still touring from sea to sea, making hits without touching a pad and pen, which Bey reminds us of when she says, "Freestylin' life. Blueprint from my jigga who never writes."

One last thing, where in the name of first family of Hip-Hop did Pharrell come from, at the end of this track? I was so confused! King handled that, though.



At first, I was confused as too why they jumped from 7/11 to 713...because f*ck 12, right? Hahahaha, but really...

Number Five is a classic Hov beat and flow that will have you missing early 2000's Beyoncé and Jay-Z blasting at the annual summer cookout.



When this track first began, I was having a hard time focusing on the music, because it seemed irrelevant to the rest of the album. I started this album with a preconceived idea of it being focused on Beyoncé and Jay-Z's relationship with a most likely hint of their children, somewhere along the line. While it isn't a track that I can see getting much play time, it definitely belongs in the story.

For many, family goes deeper than blood relation. The couple make this clear throughout the song.

Friends of the star-studded pair have shown great loyalty and respect throughout the couples drama-filled time in the media. They are key parts in keeping the children of the two out of the public eye and allowing the extremely sought out family to live as secluded and happy a life as possible.

This song is a thank you to the ones that have stood by The Carters. Their roles are much greater than they are given credit for.



A prime example of how well Jay-Z and Beyoncé work together. This track is simply a wise combination of beats and vocals. I consider it to be the "deep breath" on the album.



This song is brought in with spoken word which has become a trademark for Bey. It speaks to where the pair come from and how far they've came. It is also a staple of black love and power. #BlackMagic is undeniably present in the plot of this song. It is strong, and to the point. Album or no album, this is a song the world needs at the moment.



An exquisite ending to the album.

LoveHappy is lighthearted and compiled of truth, work, and a persevering love.

I believe it is a testament to their love that they can add comedic verses about Jay-Z cheating. The lyrics are raw, and they are proud to share them. The pair overcame a lot and this is them saying, no more drama from The Carters.

One can't help but to smile when listening to the final track.

Well, wigs flew, self esteems were shot and awards are already lined up, after the release of EVERYTHING IS LOVE. Was it a hit album worthy of a vinyl download? No, but, that wasn't the point of this release. The Carters did what they sat out to do in a respectable way. They shared their journey with millions and now it has come to an end. While I will miss the tweets created in response to the downward spiral, BeyHive put Jay-Z in, I am beyond happy that the two worked it out. Bops or no bops, this album was closure. I am glad they shared this vulnerable time with their fans.

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