There comes a time in college where you can tell that you're getting older. It may happen overnight, it may be a series of small changes over time, but it happens eventually. Maybe you wake up one Sunday morning and BAM, you can't bounce back like you used to, or maybe the thought of staying in and eating your weight in pizza on a Friday night is more appealing than another house party. You just can't avoid it. But you can age with grace and dignity, and if you don't believe me, just look at Betty White. She's 93 and still killing the game, and with every passing day I start to identify with her a little more.

1. When you have to push past freshmen at parties.

2. When you think about graduating.

3. When you throw a party and randos make a huge mess for you to clean.

4. When all of your friends are wifed up.

5. When you and your friend's song comes on in public and y'all just don't care.

6. 8ams.

7. When a drunk stranger starts crying to you and you don't know what to say.

8. Tuesday mornings.

9. Walking in on your roommate and their girlfriend/boyfriend like

10. When a freshman asks you and your friend for directions and you send them to the other side of campus.

11. When your professor calls on you and your hand wasn't even raised.

12. When your family asks you about your social life at college.

With age comes wisdom, and a little bitterness, too. But as you navigate through those final semesters of college, if ever you're in doubt, just ask yourself WWBD? And if you follow the examples set by Miss White, you too will be able to make it to graduation with the same class and sass that Betty has offered the world for almost a century.