In a crowd of hundreds of thousands, it’s difficult not to feel anything but misguided or lost. You don’t know what your next step is. We’re continuously moving forward, trying to find the meaning of life – the meaning of our life. In our journey on discovering one’s sense of self, it can be easily forgotten what makes us true to this life and the lessons we learn as we embark our journey. Here are a few sayings I have learned upon my own journey.

Always Forgive – Including Yourself

Hannah Montana said it best, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has their days”. But it’s true. No one is immune to error – and that counts you. These faults don’t define you or anyone for that matter. Any grievances you hold, let them go.

Appreciate Your Surroundings

As cliché as it sounds, it’s easy to take things for granted. Turn away from your phone screen, and take a look at the world around you. Time passes fast, so take a second and value those you hold close to your heart. Recognize the beauty that is in this world.

Live Your Best Possible Life

Though it can be hard to admit, our days are limited, they’re not guaranteed in any form. With that, nothing is absolute until it happens. Take chances. Love like you haven’t before. Explore not only the world, but your mind. Experience things in a new light.

Put Value Into The Right Things

Monetary items like cars and a huge home isn’t going to make you happy. Wants are a continuous cycle, and once you satisfy one, you gain another. Put your values into what will truly matter in the long run, like your loved ones.

Love Like You Haven't Before

There is absolutely no reason to uncivil to others around you. Look out for one another. Educate one another. Listen to one another. Continue to spread love and encourage others to do the same.

Learn to Accept Change

Its difficult to want to try new things, because lets face it, that’s how its always been. But we won’t know anything other than, unless we challenge ourselves to face the unfamiliar. It's time to face our own fears.

Embrace Yourself

Easier said than done, but make it a goal to accept yourself, flaws and all. Instead of standing in front of a mirror picking at yourself, think about something you truly do admire about yourself. Realize that others are most likely going through similar obstacles. Take the time to appreciate yourself and others.

Take Action

Become involved in the community around you. Volunteer, join a club or organization, become active in the things that matter to you. Dedicate yourself to not only growing yourself, but humankind. Give what you have to offer to the world.