There's no denying that White Claw was the trendiest alcoholic beverage of summer 2019, but we all know that one girl who takes her obsession for the Claws to a whole new level.

This is the girl who keeps a stash in her fridge at all times and will offer you one as soon as you walk in the door. It's the girl who'll try to smuggle her own White Claws into the bar because she can't imagine spending the night drinking anything else.

If you know EXACTLY who I'm talking about then you're in luck, because I've compiled a list of perfect gifts to get her for Christmas. We guarantee she'll like these (almost) as much as her favorite White Claw flavor.

1. White Claw-Themed Novelty Socks 

A bestseller on Etsy, this gift is perfect for any White Claw-lover who also wants to keep their feet warm and snuggly all winter long.

3. "Ain't No Laws When You're Drinking Claws" Glitter Tumbler

Another bestseller from Etsy, the best part about this gift is that you can customize the tumbler based on the White Claw flavor your friend obsesses over the most.

4. "Ain't No Laws When You're Drinking Claws" Sports Bra

There's no better motivation to hit the gym than knowing you'll be able to guzzle a White Claw (or three) at the end of your workout.

5. White Claws-Lover Doormat

If you don't like White Claws, please turn around and leave.

7. "Santa Claws" Sweatshirt

For that friend who loves Santa almost as much as White Claws.

8. White Claw Stud Earrings 

These Etsy earrings are SO cute, they'll even appeal to your friends who have lukewarm feelings about White Claws.

9. White Claw Life Laptop Stickers

These are perfect for your minimalist friend who doesn't want to be too showy when expressing her love for White Claws.

10. White Claw Soy Candles

Etsy really does have the most incredible creations...

13. "Saturdays Are For The Girls" White Claw Wall Tapestry 

For the girl who needs a little extra something to decorate her dorm room. Get it on Redbubble.

15. A Six-Pack Of Her Favorite White Claw Flavor

You really can't go wrong with this one.

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