The 13 Best Worship Songs You've Never Heard Of
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13 Best Worship Songs You've Never Heard Of

Christian radio does not play every single worship song which can make people miss out on some great ones.

13 Best Worship Songs You've Never Heard Of
Leslie Jessie

Being someone who has her car radio set to K-Love all of the time and a worship playlist with 226 songs, I think it is safe to say that I know some Christian songs that are not well known. Here are some songs you probably have never heard but God can use in your life.

1. Man of Sorrows by Hillsong United:

Basically, any song about Christ's sacrifice on the cross is powerful. This one not only captures the sacrifice itself but His compassion and resurrection. I think it can be easy to forget just how important the cross really is, and this song is a great reminder of its importance.

2. Crucify Him by Shane & Shane:

I know no one really likes the feeling of conviction, but conviction from the Holy Spirit reminds us that we are His. This song does just that. It calls out our hypocrisy that we all sometimes have in our walks with Christ. It is vital to our growth as Christians that we hear what we are doing wrong and how we can improve.

3. One Day (When We All Get To Heaven) by Matt Redman:

One of the best parts about being a follower of Jesus is the promise of an eternity spent in Heaven. Things can be tough in this world, and when I listen to this song, it always reminds me that the best is yet to come. Jesus will bring an end to all of my trials and tribulations. Plus, "When We All Get To Heaven" is my favorite hymn; it is always great to hear the classics in the more contemporary style of music.

4. Ever Almighty by Passion:

The bridge of this song literally makes me what to jump up and down and shout. I love declaring that fear has been defeated and that the great Name of Jesus has won. This song captures the power of God so well.

5. God So Loved by Hillsong Worship:

John 3:16. The classic verse. The verse that has the entire message of the Gospel inside of it. This song is a direct reference to probably the most quoted verse of all time, and that speaks for itself.

6. Faithful To The End by Bethel Music:

Sometimes it's encouraging to just know that God is faithful and that He has your back. I listen to this song when I need to remember who God says He is and that He really is who He says He is. If you feel worried or fearful, give this one a listen.

7. Splinters and Stones by Hillsong United:

God's grace is enough; actually, it is more than enough. I don't care what you've done or where you've been, God loves you and will forgive you if just ask. Jesus showed grace to sinners when the Pharisees wanted to throw stones at them, and He does no different with you. This song shows that His mercy changed their lives, and it can change yours too.

8. I Got Saved by Selah:

Not even going to lie, this one almost makes me cry every time. The moment I accepted Christ as my Savior changed me forever and this song takes me right back to that moment.

9. Heal Our Land by Kari Jobe:

No matter what your opinions are, I think we can all agree that our nation needs revival. When this song is sung, it is a prayer for God to awaken our nation and turn us toward Him.

10. Once and for All by Lauren Daigle:

In my own life, I find myself holding onto things that I don't have to. God called us to lay it all down at the altar 'once and for all.'

11. Isn’t He (This Jesus) by The Belonging Co feat. Natalie Grant

Proclaiming the power of Jesus and just how incredible it truly is that we get to know Him is what this song is all about. If you are wondering who Jesus is, listening to this will give you a good start.

12. Where the Spirit of the Lord Is by Hillsong Worship

The Holy Spirit brings peace, comfort, and freedom. Sometimes I just really need to claim those promises, and that is what this song does for me.

13. You Came (Lazarus) by Bethel Music

Who doesn't love hearing that their Savior brought someone back to life? This song is written from the perspective of Lazarus after he was awoken from the dead. It really is everyone's testimony who has been saved because when we were dead in sin, He brought us to eternal life in Heaven.

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