Why My Summer Job Is The Best

Why My Summer Job Is The Best

It's all because of the people.


Each summer, college and high school kids try and find summer jobs. Maybe for some extra money or to try and sate the boredom that sets in approximately two days after school ends.

For me, I've been lucky to have the same summer job for six summers now. And while many of my friends are waitressing or camp counselors, I'm lucky enough to have an interesting summer job. I've been fortunate to spend my summers at a mini-golf course.

Now, many people might think, how is working on a mini-golf course interesting? Incredibly, I would answer. There are so many different components that go into it that my day is never dull.

All I have to do is look around me, and I have an endless opportunity for people watching. Because I have worked there for so long, I have to come to know different people who walk by each day. I know if I'm working at two o'clock I'll see the woman who walks are two white girls each day. Or at five-thirty on the dot, the lifeguards walk past the back of the course at the end of their day.

Another thing is the people I get to meet on the course. I have my favorite customers who come back each year. They usually have new additions to their family, and it's nice to see that they continue the tradition. I get to meet people who go to my college, whether they're alumni or current students. It's nice to have a common connection like that.

My favorite is the people who travel halfway across the world to visit the Jersey Shore. They usually come from England or Ireland. This year I met people from Spain, and it's always interesting getting to talk to them for those few minutes before they start their game.

Over the years, I have seen some pretty interesting things happen on that course. People just like to do stupid things when they think others aren't looking. The customers on that course can be more interesting than any book I could ever read.

I got this job before I even started high school and it taught me how to become even more responsible. I was trusted to work there, to give out the correct change, and do whatever task was delegated to me that day. Whether it be watering the flowers or pulling weeds, it showed me how to truly work.

The family that I work for has been so kind to me over the years. They welcome me back each summer, and each Memorial Day it's like I picked right back up where I left the previous Labor Day. They are one of the main reasons why I continue to return each year.

I honestly love my summer job. It's the best one I could have ever hoped for. I get to be outside on the beach every day, meet new and interesting people, and always have a constant stream of entertainment. It beats any other summer job out there and I'm happy to have found it.

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To Everyone Who Hasn't Had Sex Yet, Wait For Marriage, It's The Right Move

If you have not had sex yet, wait.


Premarital sex is not a new concept, no matter how much people like to pretend it is. You can trace scripture and historical texts back thousands of year to see that lust and fornication have been a problem since… well, since we humans have been problems.

They tell you in sex ed that sex causes you to form a bond with someone. They throw some big chemical names at you that are apparently in your body and cause that emotional attachment to happen, then you move on (or back to) how important condoms are and why STDs are so scary.

As a middle schooler or teenager, you can't understand what it means to become permanently connected to someone as a result of a quick, physical act.

If you haven't even had your first kiss, you really can't imagine what it's like to develop such a complex and intimate connection with someone because you have yet to feel the butterflies in your stomach from a kiss. So you really don't know what it's like to have a whole different type of feeling in your stomach.

You never forget your first love. It's one of the most cliche things you consistently hear, but it's true. Ask anyone. I guarantee your parents can still spurt out their first love's name in a few seconds. And most people never forget their first time. I know all my friends can recount that often awkward and slightly terrifying moment as if it happened an hour ago. When you mix those two, especially if you are in your teens, oh boy.

You never forget that. No matter how hard you try.

Everything you hear about sex is true: it's amazing, fantastic, life-changing, etc. There's a reason people have done it as frequently as they do, for as long as they have. But every time you sleep with someone, you leave a piece of yourself with them. Every time you choose to take that final physical step with someone, you cannot go back and collect that piece of your dignity and soul that you left with someone.

So, imagine what happens when you break up with someone you've slept with. Or that you just hooked up with. You have given someone a little slice of yourself forever. And you can never get it back. And imagine what happens when you do that multiple times. You give a piece of yourself to five, 10, 15, 20 or more people. Then you meet the person that you want to spend forever with. And you no longer have that whole part of you. You've given pieces away, and you can no longer give those to the love of your life.

So, save those pieces for your future spouse.

If you have not had sex yet, wait. If you have, consider not giving more pieces of yourself away to people who are not your spouse. Sex was created to be between two spouses, nobody else. So we need to try to maintain its integrity.

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Being The Only Jew In A Catholic Family For The Holidays

"Cashew" - a Catholic person who is now Jewish


I was baptized as a Catholic. I made my 7 Sacraments as a Catholic. My family is made up of Irish and Italian Catholics, and my name is still registered with the Catholic Church. But, I am Jewish.

I decided to convert to Judaism when I started college. There is an amazing Jewish community here on campus and in the city and being a Jewish Studies minor, everything sort of led to me converting.

My parents were supportive; my mom was just happy I believed in something and had made so many new friends along the way, and my dad was pretty indifferent. I kept it a secret for a while from some of my family members, but eventually it got out, and of course, they were shocked.

One of the biggest questions I got after the initial shock was, "Well, what about Christmas?"

I haven't been to a Christmas Eve mass in years, so I didn't see why it mattered so much. After I made Confirmation, the last Sacrament a juvenile makes, I pretty much denounced Catholicism and decided to remain Agnostic for a few years before I found my place elsewhere, and that meant not going to church unless it was for a wedding, baptism, or funeral.

That wasn't what they meant, though. They meant, will I be celebrating Christmas still? Of course! Christmas has become so commercialized and more about presents and spending time with your family than about religious practices. I mean, the same thing goes for Hanukkah; it isn't even in the Hebrew Bible.

Just because I'm Jewish doesn't mean I'm going to give up celebrating Christmas with my family or even getting chocolate on Easter. It just means that I have learned to detach these holidays from religion. WIth Christmas, I feel like it's so much easier to celebrate in a Secular way than, say, celebrating Yom Kippur would be. Nobody wants to fast for 25 hours just for shits and gigs, ya know?

I wouldn't say that now it's awkward around Christmas time. During dinners, I'll sit silently while everyone says Grace and usually I'm reciting the Kaddish in my head. Hanukkah usually falls during Finals Week anyway, so I'm celebrating it away and either with my friends or alone. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and spread holiday cheer and whatnot. I'm not sitting in the corner like the Grinch muttering, "I'm Jewish."

This past year, I've gotten holiday cards for Hanukkah from my family, which was surprising, but also made me tear up a bit because it showed they accepted my Jewy-ness.

It may mean having to celebrate all of the Jewish holidays on my own, but what counts is the holidays that I've celebrated my whole life and getting to spend time with family that counts. And I'll proudly light my Menorah next to my Christmas tree like the Cashew I am.

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