About nine years ago, my sister and I were watching those old Potter Puppet Pals YouTube videos when a suggested video popped up: "A Very Potter Musical: Act 1, Part 1". Naturally, we were intrigued, given our obsession with Harry Potter and the way we grew up. We watched the entire musical in one night, a musical that was written and performed by college theater students who just wanted to have a good time. It was a wonderful, hilarious production that I adore to this day. Over time, they graduated from college but continued to produce their amateur musicals, and I have watched each one religiously. If you are ever in need of a laugh or just something to watch, these are excellent.

1. A Very Potter Musical


From Darren Criss's interpretation of Harry to Lauren Lopez's hysterical rendition of Malfoy and his Slytherin personality, there is no end to the laughter. Each character is over-acted and it is fabulous.

2. Me and My Dick


A young man forgets about his heart when he becomes best friends with his penis. The best and most realistic love story.

3. A Very Potter Sequel


Joe Walker is the perfect Umbridge, and steals the show from the main characters.

4. Starship


A bug wants to leave his bug life behind and become a starship ranger.

5. Holy Musical B@man


Batman is all alone in the world and Superman is a loser that no one wants to be friends with. And all of them wear underwear over their tights.

6. A Very Potter Senior Year


The final installment of the "Very Potter" trilogy is a stage reading that was performed live at LeakyCon and gives us a final goodbye to Darren Criss, who portrayed Harry Potter in all of them, and a special guest Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the actual films.

7. Twisted


A parody of "Aladdin" in which Jafar is not necessarily the villain...

8. The Trail to Oregon!


It's a build-your-own adventure in which you choose the names of the family members and where they came from! It's a wild ride on the Trail to Oregon.

9. Ani: A Parody


It's a "Star Wars" parody that is different than the rest of Starkid's productions in a few ways.

10. Firebringer


There was a world before fire...and a world after. And this is the greatest tribe in the world.

11. The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals


It's the zombie apocalypse, but everyone infected can't help but sing!