Do you enjoy criminal investigative shows? Are you fan of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes? Well I've the show to binge for you! Elementary, in my opinion, is criminally underrated. Holmes is more like the canon and some changes enhance the show to levels where I binged through 48 episode, each 50 min long (Damn you Hulu ads), in one and the half weeks despite summer classes. Yeah, it is just that good. Two seasons down, four more to go before I am caught up.

In interest of intriguing you and not spoiling anything, here are 5 things that I believe makes Elementary superior to its peers. (Don't worry it's spoiler-free.)

Holmes and Watson


The relationship between Holmes and Watson starts with Watson acting as his sober companion. It blossoms with Watson's very evident interest in Holmes's work and is what I believe one of the most balanced friendships. They are what I would consider platonic soulmates, and the showrunners adamantly repeat that having them end up together is the easy way out and not happening.

Watson is a woman


Joan Watson is played by the criminally under appreciated Lucy Liu. By gender bending Watson and ensuring that there is no romantic feelings between her and Holmes, the show has led to a very nuanced and fruitful relationship. Watson isn't just there to prop up the superiority of Holmes. As an ex- surgeon, she is a very capable companion and one of the few people Holmes would consider a friend.



Moriarity in the Elementary universe is as nuanced as all its character. The relationship between Moriarty and Holmes has always been intriguing, the battle of the wits of the best. But Elementary brings more than just super smart criminal vs super smart detective. I am going to leave it at that.

Sherlock’s struggle with addiction


In Elementary, the fact that Sherlock is an ex-heroin addict is never a topic shied away from. In fact, the show constantly depicts the journey, the struggles to be sober, and it humanizes Sherlock. They stay true to the difficulty of the journey.

The entire cast

It's not just the Sherlock train, where you'd want him to win and screw whoever is there. Everyone in the cast has an important role. They are there as individuals, not just to prop up Holmes. It's his interaction with all the other characters that makes Sherlock the snarky, insufferable detective who still remains human.

Also, there is definitely more diversity than the BBC and other versions. It's NOT whitewashed nor does it have diverse characters to prop up the white lead.

Now as I finish giving my 2 cents on why this show is superior, I am going to go watch episodes from the third season. Adios and enjoy.