Shark Week is finally here, which means that for anyone who loves watching anything to do with sharks, they finally have an excuse to watch them back to back. And the best thing to watch during shark week is classic blockbuster shark movies! There are so many different shark movies to choose from, and the best thing about watching movies featuring shark attacks is that they're filled with lots of suspense! However, not all shark movies are the best, and it can be hard to tell which ones are worthwhile to watch. Luckily, we've got you covered! Here are the top 10 best shark movies to watch during this year's Shark Week!

1. "Jaws"

Obviously "Jaws" is the No. 1 best movie to watch during Shark Week! It's a classic movie that no other shark movie has been able to beat. From the moment you hear the famous music to the best lines featured in the movie, it's hard not to enjoy! I mean, what's a marathon of shark movies without "Jaws" being included?

2. "The Shallows"

"The Shallows" is another great suspenseful shark movie! Taking place off the coast of Mexico, it features a female surfer who gets trapped in the shallow waters hunted by a shark. When I first watched it, I didn't expect much from it, but it actually surprised me with how much I ended up enjoying it. Sure it isn't "Jaws," but the movie still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat and invested in the story.

3. "Open Water"

This is one of the most terrifying shark movies to watch, especially if you're a diver! It's a survivalist movie that is based on a true story of an American couple who went scuba diving on a vacation in Australia and became stranded in shark-infested waters. It's an intense movie that plays on the fear that most divers have of being stranded in the ocean, which makes it a great movie to watch during Shark Week!

4. "Deep Blue Sea"

Another great shark movie to watch is a movie called "Deep Blue Sea," which is a 1999 movie featuring an underwater facility that researches mako sharks in order to find a cure for Alzheimer's. And like any shark movie, the sharks go on a rampage. The movie may sound like a B grade movie, but it's actually an intense shark movie that some people say is one of the top best shark movies to watch besides "Jaws."

5. "Sharknado"

This movie invented the saying of "it's so bad that it's good" for both movies and shows! It's one of the worst and best shark movies out there. The title of the movie basically says it all, and it's a fun movie to watch during Shark Week!

6. "Jaws 2"

Though the sequel "Jaws" is not as great as the original movie, it's still great to watch and is definitely better than some of its other sequels. "Jaws 2" features some of the original characters such as Brody, who tries to voice his concerns about a second great white shark appearing on the town's beaches but is met with doubts from the mayor and the people in the town. Let's be honest, any sequel to "Jaws" could never compare to the original, but it's still an enjoyable and entertaining sequel.

7. "Soul Surfer"

This is another great movie that you should consider watching. Based on a true story, "Soul Surfer" focuses on a young girl who one day goes out to surf in Hawaii and loses her arm to a shark. It's an inspiring story, and though it may not be as terrifying as "Jaws" or some of the other movies, it still keeps you invested in the story.

8. "47 Meters Down"

If you enjoy an intense, suspenseful movie that includes a great twist, you should try watching this movie! It's a survivalist shark movie that features two sisters that go cage diving with sharks, which soon turns into a disaster. It has a good twist, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat!

9. "Shark Tales"

"Shark Tales" may not be like the other movies featured on this list which feature horror or suspense, but it's definitely a movie that should be mentioned. It's an animated movie starring Will Smith who plays a fish that makes a deal with a shark. The movie is entertaining to watch during Shark Week, even if it's not your typical shark movie.

10. "The Reef"

This is an Australian horror movie that features a group of friends who capsize while sailing in Indonesia and find themselves being stalked by a great white shark. It's filled with tension and features actual shark footage in the film! It's another great movie to check out for Shark Week!

So if you enjoy Shark Week and find yourself wanting to start watching a marathon of shark movies, consider adding these movies to your list! Shark movies may not be considered the most realistic concerning their portrayal of sharks, but they are entertaining and can keep you from wanting to go swimming in the ocean anytime soon!