You ever just need to take a nap somewhere? You ever just have one of those days where you feel like you can't go to class, you don't want to do anything, but you do want to sleep? Well, after driving to campus and you're already there you might as well find a place to crash. Here are the X best places to take a nap on campus

1. The Library

Specifically, the second floor to the left where this is a bunch of comfy chairs and it's where the quiet area is so that makes it even better. I'm sure no one will bother you there.

2. The Student Sucess Center

Really in those comfy chairs wherever you can find one, but there is quite a few inside the SSC.

3. The Quad

I know it sounds kind of weird, but if you have a hammock there are a few places on the quad that you can hang it up and take a nap between classes.

4. Dunham Hall

Dunham hall holds the theater in it and there are tons of comfy seats in there, as long as there isn't a class going on in there you could slip in and just take a quick nap.

5. In The MUC

Not in the bottom part, but the upstairs. There are some big booths up there that might be nice if you just can't take it anymore and really need to take a nap. There are also comfy seats just sitting in the hallways upstairs that you could nap on.

If you're really tired and just really need to take a nap you can find a place anywhere pretty much. Nobody will judge you unless you snore really loud, they may laugh then.