During my usual exploration of Google topics, I realized that most people rank September as the best month. Which is false, October is completely underrated in the grand scheme of the months. It has so much more to offer than September and for the following reasons, it deserves the top spot.

1. The weather

Let's be honest: there's honestly nothing better than the weather in October. You're officially no longer dying from the heat stroke caused by the August weather. It's not freezing but its still cold enough to justify wearing a sweater and fun boots. It's also the first month that allows you to judge how bad winter is gonna be. Snow in October? Prepare for the worst six months ever. Calm but chilly in October? That'll tell you that winter is gonna be winter, but not as sucky.

2. The clothes

My FAVORITE clothing season is fall. Warm and fuzzy sweaters? Yes, please! I'd honestly prefer to meet people in October because tbh my outfits are way nicer. When's the last time you heard someone complain about wearing a huge sweater or sweatshirt with leggings and some boots? Exactly. Never.

3. Halloween

Do I even really need to justify this reason? Super cute outfits and free candy? Carving pumpkins? Scaring your friends for no reason at all? Yes please and thank you.

4. The shows/movies

Have you ever heard of Freeform's 13 nights of Halloween? Yes, where they essentially play "Hocus Pocus" on repeat, but I'm not complaining its a cinematic work of art. In my opinion, TV show Halloween episodes are so underrated. Especially the old Disney ones from "That's So Raven" or "Suite Life of Zack and Cody," grab me a blanket and put that on repeat.

5. The food

October is the beginning of the season where it's socially acceptable for a non-coffee drinker, like myself, to walk into Dunkin' and order a hot chocolate without being judged. Dunkin' pumpkin donuts are also the most amazing thing ever. They have never disappointed me and I'm honestly afraid for the day they will.


Have you ever seen something more aesthetically pleasing than a leaf in the fall? The colors are amazing and make any place look prettier. My main goal in life is to walk through Central Park in the fall when the leaves are changing. I live 30 minutes from the city and haven't done it yet, but it is definitely on my bucket list.