8 Reasons We Need To Pay More Attention To Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is not getting any younger, and unfortunately, he knows that. The past few years have been a slow downfall of slow, sad songs by Willie, The graceful, but the speedy descent of an eagle from the sky .

1. Something You Get Through

A recent slow, sad song by Willie, toying with the notion of an ending world.

2. Summer Wind

A slow, but upbeat blues song, describing losing a love.

3. Heaven Is Closed

A song describing heaven being closed, hell being too full. He describes, "I think I'll just stay where I am".

4. It's All Going To Pot

Willie is definitely more upbeat in this song than the rest. He is describing the world going to hell. It can be left up to your imagination if he is talking about, government, politics, economics or music.

5. Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die

A very upbeat, but still sad backed song Willie sings about dying, and even though he is dead, he wants you to have a party,

6. Still Not Dead

Willie has had multiple "false deaths" Facebook has not help these instances at all. Willie Is still happily alive and still recording!

7. Lay Me Down

This song was released the day of my grandfather's death. It will rip your emotions out, even on your best days. This song gives me chills every, single, time. Willie and Loretta Lynn, The last two living country "greats". They are basically describing being at peace and practically being ready to be "laid down".

8. Just Breathe

Willie and his son, singing a duet about living while you're here. Dying is inevitable, but for now, let's "Just Breathe".

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