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    My name is Zachary Grizzard, I attend Jacksonville State University as I am pursuing two degrees, one in Secondary Education, the other being History.

    I have several hobbies, most of which are outdoor related. I am a part-time educator for at least three National Park Service sites in Georgia, as well as one State Park in Alabama. My hobbies include; Civil-War reenacting, bass-fishing, hiking, target shooting, and hunting.

    This year I went to the island nation of Haiti twice on humanitarian religious trips, each trip lasted a week and consisted of teaching Vacation Bible School as well as home building and home improvement.

    I've always been called an "Old Soul", if you ride with me in a vehicle or look at my bookshelves you'll soon realize that I do not favor new music or authors. Most of my music collection dates to the 1960's and the 1990's at the latest. The books I read, usually tend to date back to Civil War veterans and deceased Government officials.

    #Republican #ProLife #IAmAChristian

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