Are Your Acrylic Nails Illegal?
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Are Your Acrylic Nails Illegal?

Stop being cheap for a full set.

Are Your Acrylic Nails Illegal?

Does this title have you staring at your fresh paint your pretty fingers are rocking, wondering how in the world your nails could be illegal? It sounds crazy, right? Can your nails really be illegal? YES! Ladies, have you ever attempted to take your full set off and this happens?!

The quality may be a little crappy but just zoom in on my nail! My poor pinky! Brittle, and my white meat is exposed. It looks like it is dying from the outside in. I got my nails done at Diamond Nail & Spa near 120th & Crenshaw in Los Angeles, before doing my research. If you pamper yourself at the nail salon bi-weekly basis, I suggest you should start doing a little shop investigation.

This past June, I discovered Summit Nails on Facebook. Come to find out, it was Black Owned, so you know I was down. Especially since I was visiting Los Angeles. I haven't gotten my nails done in awhile because finding a black owned nail salon is scarce in Mississippi, especially if you are in the Delta. Anyway, I made an appointment for my friend and I.

Guys! When we got there it was gorgeous! We felt like complete goddesses!

(Summit Nail Bar. Baldwin hills, Ca)

So while getting my mani and pedi, my manicurist and peddi-Tition (I totally made up that word) were giving me the tea as to why their prices were moderately expensive. They compliment all customers with beverages (tea and alcoholic assortments included). Also, did you see the empress chairs? They even purchase high end products such as their acrylic. Yes, acrylic! I never knew it mattered so much. They urged the importance of paying attention to nail techs and the products they use such as the illegal MMA that some shops use as acrylic. While they were giving me the scoop I had to look up the details myself. There's nothing like researching for yourself.

History: MMA Methyl Methacrylate is made to create advertising signs, skylights, building panels, enamel resins, etc (EPA, 1999). MMA is a dental acrylic not a cosmetic acrylic; it originated in the dental industry for making crown bridges (OSHA, 1997). MMA is not recommended to use on our nails, simply because it gets way to hard and can easily tear the your nail off. Yeah, I didn't know that either, and it's like who cares when your just trying to slay, right? Wrong! I didn't know simply because it's not like there's signs with informational facts in nail salons other than the nail price list.

Organic acrylic which can cost up to $250 per gallon. Many "discount" nail salons that charge $15 are using MMA instead of acrylic liquid. MMA is approximately $180 cheaper per gallon than acrylic liquid.

If you are reading this and flabbergasted just as I was, know that I was unaware too! It kind of sucks because a week later after the nail techs from Summit Nail Bar pre-warned me about MMA, I purchased a full set at Diamond Nail & Spa near 120th and Crenshaw. Yes! I paid for a full set even after the nice nail techs told me about those "discounted" places. Now, my pinky is inflamed, throbbing, and ugly. I enjoy getting my nails done but all that glitters ain't gold! If my photo wasn't good enough check these out.

Dangers of MMA & Drilling

Top Warning Signs of MMA acrylic:

1. Tingling or numbness of the fingers

2. Whitening of the fingers

3. Irritated or Damaged around Nail Beds

4. Most salons that smells heavily chemical like it may as well be a Clorox dust factory is a huge sign you are in a MMA nail salon.

Make sure your nails are legal and legit!

So, now I'm pretty sure your checking your cuticles. Here are some ways to check for MMA Signs. If your nail tech does not have an visible labels on their products, simply ask! This is your service, and you deserve to know what is being used on you. If they can not serve you an answer to your question, walk out of the salon before your finger nails fall off! I would suggest to keep on the look out for "discounted" full sets, but the price does not guarantee that the product is not being used. Lastly, pay attention to the post warning signs after you get your nails done. If your nails hurt, look inflamed under the nail bed, take your nails to be removed.

I have been transitioning into a healthier natural lifestyle, and acrylic nails just defeats that purpose. Especially when they break from me doing yoga, gardening, or poling. It took me putting my pinky on the operating table, to see all beauty doesn't require pain.

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