Monday Night Football is back and it has seen some great games
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10 Memorable Monday Night Football Games That Will Get You Actually Make You Enjoy Mondays

If you don't like Monday's, you aren't alone. But with the return of NFL football also comes Monday Night Football.

10 Memorable Monday Night Football Games That Will Get You Actually Make You Enjoy Mondays

Another NFL is around the corner. The Preseason is underway and NFL fans can hardly wait until the regular season. One aspect of the NFL season is the return of Monday Night Football. Since 1970, Monday Night Football has been on the air and has captivated the imagination of football fans everywhere. Monday Night Football has seen awe-inspiring performances. This list analyzes the most enduring Monday Night Football games.

10. The Body Bag Game

The setting was Veterans Stadium Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was mid-November and the Eagles hosted division rival Washington. The Eagles won 28-14. Nine Washington players were injured during the game. The nickname comes from an Eagles player shouting, "Do you guys need more boy bags?" The game is still revered by the most loyal Eagles fans.

9. Bears Dolphins 1985

The undefeated Chicago Bears flew down to the Miami Orange Bowl to take on Dan Marino and the Dolphins. The Bears entered the game 12-0. The Dolphins were still coached by Don Shula, who led the 1972 Dolphins to an undefeated season. Dan Marino threw three touchdown passes against the vaunted '85 Bears defense. It was the Bears' only loss during a Super Bowl season.

8. "He did what?"

It was one of the most thrilling overtime finishes in NFL history. The Packers hosted the Vikings at Lambeau Field in 2000. Favre threw deep for Freeman in overtime and Freeman somehow came away with the football. The ball never hit the ground and broadcaster Al Michaels asked what was on everybody's minds, "He did what?"

7. The Monday Night Miracle

The Jets were down 30-7 in the fourth quarter. The comeback was one for the ages and on Monday Night Football for all to see. Veteran quarterback Vinny Testaverde threw five touchdown passes in the game and brought the Jets back. His final touchdown pass came with under a minute left and he hit big man Jumbo Elliot in the end zone. The Jets would go on to kick a game-winning field goal in OT to win 40-7 over Miami.

6. Green Bay Washington 1983

The game between Washington and Green Bay was the highest-scoring Monday Night Football game for thirty-five years. The two teams combined for 95 points. Quarterbacks Joe Theisman and Lynn Dickey duked it out in a classic quarterback duel. The two quarterbacks combined for five touchdown passes and 785 passing yards. The Packers escaped with a game-winning field goal to win 48-47.

5. Colts Comeback 2003

The Colts were down 35-14 against the defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers. It was up to Peyton Manning to dig the Colts out of the twenty-one-point hole. With under four minutes to play, the Colts scored twenty-one unanswered points to force the Bucs into overtime. Manning solidified his status as an elite NFL quarterback as the Colts won 38-35 in OT.

4. Oilers Dolphins 1978

Rookie running back Earl Campbell became a star on a Monday night in 1978. it was part of a season in which he led the league in rushing in 1978 and was named Offensive Rookie of the Year. On Monday night he rushed for 199 yards and four touchdowns. And thanks to his 81 yard rush in the fourth quarter, the Oilers won the game 35-30 over Don Shula's Dolphins.

3. The Best Game of Brett Favre's Career

This particular game revolved around one man and his love of family and football. Brett Favre showed what he was made of in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football. One day after his father, Irvin, passed away Brett took the field against the Oakland Raiders. He and his father cherished the game of football.

Brett Favre said it what the most nervous he had ever been before a football game. Old number four went out and played the game of his life. He threw four touchdown passes and passed for 399 yards. The country was in awe of what Favre did that night. The Packers won the game 41-7. If any fan wants to know what football means to Brett Favre, and what it means to his family, they should watch this game.

2. Montana vs Elway 1994

Kansas City Chiefs - 1994 - File Photos

The two best quarterbacks of their generation squared off in 1994. Montana and Elway once met in a lopsided Super Bowl. But the 1994 matchup was a spectacle. This was Joe Montana's second season with the Kansas City Chiefs. The two Hall of Famers put on a spectacle for a Monday night audience. Montana did what he does best. While down by four in the fourth, he hit Willie Davis for a touchdown to win the game 31-28 over Elway and his Broncos.

1. Chiefs Rams 2018

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Rams

It has not even been a year and this game is seen by many as the best regular-season game in NFL history. The Rams and Chiefs entered the game both sitting at 9-1. The teams combined for 105 points, making it the highest-scoring game in Monday Night Football history. The league's biggest names stood out in prime time.

Rams' defender Aaron Donald recorded two sacks and forced two fumbles. Chiefs' quarterback and eventual MVP Patrick Mahomes threw six touchdowns. And Rams' quarterback Jared Goff threw four touchdowns and rushed for one. Los Angeles held on in the fourth quarter for a 54-51 victory. Everyone in the stands and everyone watching on television knew right after the final whistle, they had witnessed a classic.

Football season is back and Monday Night Football is one of the best aspects of the NFL. When teams enter the stage in prime time, anything can happen. Monday night has seen wild plays, great players, and unpredictable performances. So, here's to another lively season of Monday Night Football.

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