As I've gotten older and experienced the world more, I've noticed myself disconnecting from many people. Not for any particular reason other than that life changes as time passes, and people move on from situations that don't benefit them anymore. Throughout all of that, I've found that the one person I can always count on is my mom.

My most recent calls are 99.9% of the time to my mom, and if I'm not calling her before work to tell her how my morning was, I'm calling her after work to check in on her day.

Lunch dates are always better when my mom is free to take them with me, and homemade dinners don't taste quite the same without her magic touch.

You see, I don't think there has been one pivotal moment in my life that my mom hasn't made a priority in hers. I guess I just feel really lucky that I found a best friend in my mom, and she found a best friend in me.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to say they have a good relationship with their mom, and when I hear from someone who doesn't, I immediately feel such sorrow for them. I can't imagine calling anyone else to tell them, "I got the job!" or "I just got a flat tire and am on the side of the road."

I also can't imagine a world without a mom who is willing to drive an hour away just to sit in the hospital with me, right after she just had surgery herself.

I would do absolutely anything for my mom, but I know in my heart she'd do twice as much for me. You can't find that just anywhere, so I'm lucky I found it at all.

Life for me has changed in a multitude of ways. I'm now a fiance, a full-time worker with a college degree, a dog mom to five, and a homeowner with someone I love. With each milestone, my mom has supported me, encouraged me to continue when things got a little tricky, and been there to hug me when I crossed the finish line. I can't imagine doing any of this without my mom, and I know in my gut I would never want to.

When you're fortunate enough to have a person in your life who would go to the end of the earth just to see you succeed, how could you not want to spend the majority of your time trying to live up to the kind of person that they have been to you and for you? I will forever give 110% to my relationship with my mom because for my entire life she has provided that much for me, and then some.

Because of my wonderful mom, I get to say:

My future kid's grandmother is my best friend.

My idol is my best friend.

My go-to person is my best friend.

My mom is my best friend.

I enjoy learning about myself, and noticing that traits I once thought came from me, actually come from my mom. Who would've thought I'd continually plan out my budget for the week even though I did it three times already? My mom blessed me with a touch of OCD.

Who could've guessed that I like eating a touch of crunchy with every soft food I have to switch up the texture, just like my mom?

And did you know that my mom and I don't enjoy comfort foods if we're upset, only when we're really, really happy?

I learn more about myself every single day, and as a result, I learn more about my mom too, my best friend.

Life can be scary sometimes, and there are moments I wish I could fast forward to a point that didn't always give me so much stress, but I'm able to take such huge comfort in the fact that with each step, each day, and every milestone I get a best friend and a mom, all in one.