Best Junglers in LoL
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Best Junglers in LoL

5 Best Junglers

Best Junglers in LoL

The jungle role is a key part of every League of Legends game. They decide what lane gets ahead, what objectives to take and help with rotations. However, what are the best junglers? Here is a list that will help you decide who to play in the jungle. Note that this list is in no order whatsoever.

1. Gragas

This is a champion that brings tank, damage and crowd control to your team. He can get either Cinderhulk if you want to go tanky early or Runic Echoes if you want damage early and build tank items after that. Gragas excels at early game ganks and peel for your team. Hie has his slow with his Q, he has displacement with his body slam and his ultimate. He also does well during teamfights. Gragas is able to peel for the carries in the fight, which is invaluable in League.

2. Vi

Vi can do similar things that Gragas can do. She can build Warrior's early to do plenty of damage and then go tank afterwards. Ger peel is insane with her Q and her ultimate, which can single someone out of the fight very easily. Vi's early game ganks are also very good. Overall, Vi is similar to Gragas in those aspects, but many people consider her easier to play. Her ult is point and click, while Gragas's is very hard to perfect.

3. Zac

Zac right now is a sleeper OP. Zac can gank from areas that other junglers can only dream of. His slingshot can span an entire lane and allows Zac to gank early game. He can do the Gragas thing too; either get Cinderhulk and go full tank or get Runic Echoes and then full tank.Zac is almost unkillable come late game, due to his insane tankiness, his healing though his passive and the fact that he can get out of most situations. Zac has a little less CC then Vi and Gragas but he sill brings slows and knock ups to the fight.

4. Hecarim

Hecarim is a champion that does loads of damage and also is very tanky. With trinity force, Hecarim does a lot of damage out of the jungle. He also has good CC with his ultimate and his knockback. His clear in the jungle is very good and his counter jungle presence is also insanely good.

5. Amumu

Amumu is a low ELO champion that can win entire teamfights. Amumu has a huge AoE stun with is ult and a stun with his bandage toss. Amumu can also gank early as well. On this champion, you can either go full tank or get Runic Echo into full tank. And if you are really doing well, Rylai's is also a good pickup because your tears will constantly be applying the slow. Amumu also obviously has a good teamfight presence as well, making him pretty well rounded. His only downside is that his early clear is just okay.

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