16 Of The Most Memorable Grey's Anatomy Episodes
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16 Of The Most Memorable Grey's Anatomy Episodes

#9 Flight (Season 8 Episode 24). BRB crying.

16 Of The Most Memorable Grey's Anatomy Episodes

Quarantine means being stuck inside most of the days so if you are like me you are rewatching shows or rewatching only your favorite episodes. I have watched almost every Grey's Anatomy episode several times so I decided to list my ultimate favorite episodes that stood out against all the others.

The episodes I listed below are my some of favorite Grey's Anatomy episodes to date but believe me, there are more amazing episodes. Some of these episodes are emotional episodes bit they stand out from others. Warning some may contain spoiler alerts so beware if you have not watched all of Grey's Anatomy yet.

A Hard Day's Night (Season 1 Episode 1)

This one is iconic because it is the first episode of the season. It is where you first learn about each character and their personalities. I just love this episode because if you follow Grey's as I do then you know how young they are and immature. It is really cool to see how much the characters grow throughout the seasons.

Bring the Pain (Season 2 Episode 5)

I love this episode because Alex and George get stuck in an elevator with a patient who was on his way to have surgery. George ended up having to operate on this patient. This was a big moment for George to operate on a patient over Alex. Also this episode is when Meredith says her famous line "Pick me, Choose me, Love me" to Derek. This is a strong moment for Meredith and a step forward in Derek and Meredith's relationship.

It's the End of the World & As we Know it (Season 2 Episode 16-17)

These two episodes should be watched together because they have a continued story. These episodes deal with a bomb in someone's body. These two episodes are intense and raw and super good. Meredith ends up sticking her hand in the guy's body and holding the bomb so things get really interesting on if and when the bomb was to explode.

Losing my Religion (Season 2 Episode 27)

This episode is extremely emotional. It involves the death of Izzy's guy Denny after he struggled with a heart condition. along time. It is also when Meredith's and Derek's dog passes on. This episode is very sad but also the storyline of what happens before and after Denny's death leaves for an amazing story.

Walk on Water, Drowning on Dry Land & Some Kind of Miracle (Season 3 Episode 15-17)

These three episodes should be watched in order because of the storyline. There is a terrible ferry boat accident that the interns are set to help with on the scene. Each intern has its own problems and cases they deal with. Meredith ends up falling in the cold Seattle water and the story only gets better.

Didn't We Almost Have it All (Season 3 Episode 25)

Again a slightly emotional episode that ends with a wedding that almost was. Cristina Yang was set to marry Dr. Burke at the end of the episode. The whole episode leads up to the wedding and it is a raw look into the different relationships of Grey's and makes you question who will make it through their relationship.

Now or Never (Season 5 Episode 24)

This episode is the finale of season 5 so that means you know the ending is going to be good. In these episodes, spoiler but Izzy Stevens is fighting a brain tumor and George O'Malley ends up getting severely hurt so hurt no one knew he was the patient. I definitely recommend this episode if you want to cry a lot.

Sanctuary & Death and All His Friends (Season 6 Episodes 23-24)

These two episodes should be watched together to understand the whole story. This episode may be hard for some people because it deals with a shooter at the hospital. The storyline, however, is super exciting and leaves you on the edge of your seat about what hospital staff is going to survive.

Flight (Season 8 Episode 24)

Huge spoiler alert for this episode. This is by far one of the most emotional Grey's Anatomy episodes to date. Countless doctors are involved in a plane crash and some end up fighting for their life. Super emotional have to be fully ready to experience this episode again.

Remember the Time (Season 9 Episode 12)

This episode follows up on the aftermath of the terrible plane crash. It dives deep into the doctor's emotional sides of being a victim of a terrible plane crash where not everyone made it out. Very much a tear jerker as well as a reflection of how different people deal with personal trauma.

Fear (of the Unknown) (Season 10 Episode 24)

Another emotional episode because this is the one when Cristina Yang leaves the hospital. She chooses to move on to another hospital. This meant no more my person with Meredith Grey. This is the first of many characters to leave the show but nothing hurt quite like Cristina leaving Meredith.

How to Save a Life (Season 11 Episode 21)

Huge spoiler on this episode - do not watch unless you are ready to have your heart ripped out. This episode although emotional was a key moment in Meredith's life that would forever change. Derek attempts to save several people on the side of the road and then after saving people get hit by a car himself. He ends up passing away so this episode is hard for anyone who has watched Grey's before.

1-800-799-7233 (Season 14, Episode 9)

Doctor Jo is face to face with the abusive husband she ran away from. Jo stands up for herself much of this episode and shows how strong she has become as a person and a doctor. The episode was named because it is the number for the abuse hotline in hopes this episode shows survivors they seek help their are people who want to protect them.

Silent all These Years (Season 15, Episode 19)

This episode may be difficult for anyone who has struggled with rape or abuse. This episode dives deep into a patient's experience with rape and abuse. The doctors handle her struggles so well and will leave anyone crying. The women of the hospital end up lining the walls to support the patient.

My Shot (Season 16 Episode 8)

This episode deals with Meredith fighting for her medical license. She is in a courtroom faced with one board member who was responsible for Derek's death. The episode dives into all the patients Meredith has saved over the years. It is a good look back on all Meredith has done as a doctor.

Leave a Light On (Season 16 Episode 16)

This episode is one of the most recent episodes that made me truly emotional. this is the episode when we find out where Alex Karev has been and that he is not returning. This is the end of Dr. Karev. He wrote emotional goodbye letters to the doctors who meant the most to him.

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