To My Best Friends Ex: How Dare You

To My Best Friends Ex: How Dare You

Who's the joke now?

Dear Ex-Who-Tried-To-Play-My-Best-Friend,

I honestly can't believe you didn't think you were going to get caught. It's not like you were doing it secretly, it was so obvious. I don't even think you tried to do it secretly, it was so public. Did you think that my best friend wasn't going to find out? Well, you thought wrong!

All those comments on your Facebook posts from girls saying your cute and that you need to text them back.

You were dating three girls from the same school. Like, come on if you're going to cheat don't do it with girls that all go to the same school. Even though all three of them were in different grades doesn't mean that they can't have a mutual friend, which they did.

You played her one too many times for her not to catch up to what game you were playing. Telling her that you guys were going to be together and then dating another girl at the same time. It sounds like complete bullshit to me. You told her everything she needed to hear to take you back.

I bet you just wanted to see girls fight over you because it seems like that's what you were doing. Putting words in her mouth telling the other girls that she was calling them out their names and saying she wanted to fight them.

She even asked you straight to your face if there were any other girls and you looked her in the eyes and said no. You lied to her and the other girls. And for that, I'm glad all the people involved found out what was really going on and your true colors.

No girl should go through that, you shouldn't have to talk to three different girls. She really liked you which is why she always took you back when you came running back to her. You should have seen that what you were doing was going to hurt her because her feelings were genuine, but all you were looking for was something to brag about to your friends.

Well, brag about this, now that all three of the girls now know who you are, who are you with? Tell your friends that because of you, my best friend knows that she can do better than guys that want to cheat on her. And that she knows that she is a strong beautiful human being and that nothing was wrong with her, but with you because you weren't worthy of her love.

You taught her that actions are way better than words because your words to her were "I love you" but what you really meant was "I like that fact that you are still with me after the fact that I cheated on you twice already." All she was, was a joke to you but who's the joke now?

Now she's realized what she deserves. She's dating a guy that loves her just as much as she loves him and he's ONLY dating her.



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Breaking Down Country: Stupid Boy

She will be long gone.

She was a perfect prayer in a desperate hour.

She laid her heart and soul right in your hands.

The kind of girl who would have done anything for you,

anything for the two of you to be together.

You stupid boy.

What made you think that you could take her and break her down.

After every chance she gave you.

After all of the broken promises, and heart breaks.

All she wanted to do is love you.

You stupid boy.

She grew wild but innocent.

You’ve seen her grow, you’ve seen her at her lowest.

You’ve been there through it all, you’ve seen it all

Her pure strength, willpower, compassion, and ability to love.

You should know that you can’t fence that in.

You stupid boy.

You stole her dreams, every night you were there.

Stupid boy, you should have known you can’t hold back the wind.

Don’t build yourself up so high.

Next time you want her back after you leave her,

she may be long gone.

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5 Reasons Why Generation X Men Are The Best To Date

Respect to all my Generation X men, may you never forget that the world is a beautiful place and just plain “Dy-no-mite!”

RockMy generation: Generation X. Those born between 1965 and 1980 have survived Reaganomics, Watergate, The War in Afghanistan (so far) and soaring college tuition prices. We were told we were lazy, ironic and dismissive, but in reality, we are passionate, empathetic and thoughtful, and when it comes to the men of my generation, I got nothing but love.

I guess I’m a purist and maybe a little old fashioned, but I don’t get into men who are much younger or much older than I. Perhaps it’s a comfort zone of sorts or an area I am drawn to because of my 80’s upbringing, but Generation X’ers have it going on. We get each other on so many levels: musically, morally, politically (most of the time) and culturally. So here is my homage to Generation X men, may you live long and prosper.

  1. Most of the Generation X men are not into the whole beard thing. These beauties were brought up in a time where their father’s taught them to keep their mugs clean and smooth, so when they make out with someone they don’t rub their hairy chins all over their significant others’ faces and get them all bumpy and red. It’s just plain nice to shave your face, but don’t get me wrong, these men are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They rode dirt bikes and skateboards in the 70’s and stage dove in the 80’s. Be still my beating heart.

  2. Their love of 80’s music. Let’s face it, the 80’s rocked, whether your special someone was into Punk Rock, Post-Punk, Freestyle, or Rock and Roll, Generation X men know what’s up and they know their music and could rock anything from Chuck Taylors to Doc Martens. Hot.

  3. They get the feminism word and know it is not a bad word and most are down to fight for the rights of all, but still know how to treat a lady. They understand the female plight and will march arm in arm, cheering you on from the sidelines, but still hold the car door open for you on a date. Meow.

  4. They know the difference between Starsky and Hutch, better yet; they know the show inside and out. They also know that Janet Jackson was a regular on Good Times, the television show. You know, “Dy-no-mite!” They can openly discuss Speed Racer and Ultraman as if they are discussing Dostoyevsky and still open a bottle cap with their teeth. They remember when the Flyers won the Stanley Cup and recently cheered in the streets for their beloved Eagles. Purr. Purr. Purr.

  5. Finally, Generation X men are not afraid to be vulnerable. They struggled with their toughness in the 80’s but learned through their experiences that the world is a difficult place, but when you find those you trust, the world becomes that much bigger and can be a place filled with love and laughter, but often tears, which they share with their counterparts openly and with soul. Sniff. Sniff.

The media still attempts to discount Generation X as the “lost generation”. I say we are the generation who will save the human race because of our guts and grit.

Respect to all my Generation X men, may you never forget that the world is a beautiful place and just plain “Dy-no-mite!”

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