An Open Letter To My Best Friend; Life Separated Us

Dear Bestie,

As I’m sitting here thinking about our friendship, I cannot help but smile at just how blessed I am to have someone like you in my life. You’ve believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You strengthened me when I felt helpless. You were my best comforter when I felt alone. And you loved me when I was hard to love.

In high school, you were the teammate who always pushed me to be better, because you knew I was capable. You were the best prom date a girl could ask for. You were the person I ran to with anything, big or small (and you were just as excited about a new job as you were when I finally shaved my legs). You were the one I wanted to hug on graduation day. And you were the one I just knew I would see on campus in the fall.

As we both know, life tends to happen. When fall arrived, we finally had to part and go our separate ways. You packed your car, I filled mine with gas and off we went. While driving away, I couldn’t help but feel like our memories and friendship would slowly begin to fade just like our small town did in that rearview mirror.

Life had separated us. The thought of losing this precious relationship absolutely devastated me. But again, as we both know, God gives us exactly what we need when we need it. I’m still not sure why He did it, but I sure am glad He did.

If anything, this time and distance apart has made our friendship even stronger. We made sure we checked on each other during the week. You updated me on your new friends, and I told you about mine. We continued to share in each other’s joys and successes, even if it was a 3am phone call when we finally found the time. We truly learned how to listen to each other. We had to -- because we were now being told the stories instead of acting as the main characters. We cherished our time together even more when we finally got to catch up after two or three months. Most of all, I truly gained a new appreciation for an old friendship.

While so many friendships seem to fall apart during adulthood, thank you for being my rock. With you, there’s never a question as to what terms we’re on. We just pick up right where we left off. So, if there's one thing I can promise you, it's that I will always be here when you need me, and even when you don't. I’m just thankful that amidst our fear and nerves, God knew what was happening long before we did. For He knows the plans He has for us.

Thank you for understanding that just because our hometown dates ended, doesn’t mean we did.

I love you forever.


Your Best Friend Who’s Just A Phone Call Away

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