The best moment in a mother and daughter's life is that shift from a parent/child relationship to a friendship. Sure, your mom is still there to guide you and take care of you, and sometimes even discipline you, but the relationship you have with your mother has blossomed into something more.

You may have been told for years that you act or even look like your mom, or both! As you get older, you realize just how

To reach that level of comfort and trust may take years for some women, and may not even come until you are well into adulthood. For others, it may start when you are leaving for college, and you are not around your mom anymore, but still talk to her every day.

It is weird to some that you text your mom constantly, keep her updated on what's going on in your life, and even have a streak with her on Snapchat. While others have to sneak around their parents and hide stuff and lie, you're very open with your mom about most or even all things, as she has told you since forever that you can come to her to talk about anything. They may try and make fun of you, but do not be ashamed of the strong and loving relationship you have with your mom.

It's not weird or strange to want to go out and just spend time with your mom. Your mom has watched you grow and knows you best, so she is obviously the best shopping partner. Nothing beats getting your nails done with your mom and catching up on what's happening in your lives.

And of course, nobody loves to hear gossip and spill the tea than your mom, who may not even know these people.

There may still be times when you and your mom fight, but you know that these are just blips and they won't ruin your relationship. Never go to bed while still fighting and never leave or hang up the phone before telling her that you love her. Moms are a precious gift to this world and we should never take them for granted.