To The Best Friend I Left
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To The Best Friend I Left

It wasn't your fault that we drifted; it was time I moved on.

To The Best Friend I Left
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We were once inseparable, constantly joined at the hip. Wherever you went, I went. When one of us was at work, the other twiddled their thumbs waiting for their shift to be over. We had the same taste in alcohol, but different taste in men, thankfully. In the midst of being best friends, I found myself changing into someone I'm not, someone with similar characteristics as you, and I wasn't a fan. I'm not saying you were a bad influence, but we were on different pages in our lives.

I was finishing school.

You were working a part time job and partying every other night.

I couldn't keep up with careless lifestyle that you live. I couldn't drink every other night because of committing to school and working. I couldn't blow my money on pointless materialistic things. I also couldn't do unethical actions with a conscious like mine. That chapter of my life was closing, and I started seeing how different we were since I moved on from that part of my life.

I decided to leave you, best friend, not because you messed up, but because it was time I grew up. I tried to wait on you and gave you opportunities, to see if you'd do the same, but you never made the effort. So I left; I had plans and I needed to take initiative.

I still check on you from time and time again; I see the posts on Facebook and the countless stories on Snapchat. Some days all I want to do is text you about my crazy day that only you would laugh at, or to talk about the guy I'm talking to; however, I stop myself and realize I would only be taking two steps back. That's why you haven't gotten a text or a call from me in three months. It was time for me to move on.

Goodbye, best friend.

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