What To Get At The UCLA Dining Halls
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The Best Dishes At UCLA's Famous Dining Halls

An unofficially official guide to the TOP items at your four favorite dining halls chosen by your fellow Bruins.


Okay, so what if we don't have the country's #1 football team? Have you heard about UCLA dining hall food? It trumps all the stereotypical horror stories of awful-tasting college food. You've probably heard it a million times, but I'll say it again, UCLA Dining Halls are rated the Best in the Country (according to Niche.com). And guess what? You'll have infinite bragging rights to all your friends and family.

All jokes aside, UCLA really nailed it with the food. In fact, they nailed it so well that I'm not even mad about all the stairs and hills anymore! From superior vegan/vegetarian options, a wonderland of soup and salad bars, international cuisines, and sustainable practices it is really difficult to say otherwise. Probably even more difficult than pronouncing any B-Plate dish.

So after a lot of very officially unofficial polls, here are the finalists of each dining hall.

1. B-Plate 

Tyler Oakley is literally me when I go to B-Plate #SoHealthy #SoFit #ProbablyWillGetDeNeveLateNight


This is arguably the most popular place on campus to eat. And yes, THEY SERVE THE HEALTHIEST FOOD. Crazy right? Maybe it's just an LA thing? Maybe...just maybe it's why everyone at UCLA looks so darn good. Hills + Stairs + B-Plate = Rockin' Year-Round Bod. If you check online, the capacity bar for B-Plate is always nearly filled to the brim. Remember when they had that Avocado Festival Event thing? Bruins went WILD. Hm, I guess it may just be an LA thing. Not convinced about B-Plate's top ranking? Here's what seasoned Yelper, Edwin O., has to say about B-Plate "I remember my first time walking into b-plate, I couldn't believe it was an actual college dining hall. From the wood paneling to the modern design, b-plate looks like it could be a full-fledged restaurant." Nonetheless, here's what you need to know about B-Plate:1. VERY HEALTHY 2. VEGAN/VEGETARIAN CORNUCOPIA 3. Filled with people who look like they go to Wooden 7 days a week 4. Small portions & long lines 5. Dishes with incredibly complicated and borderline pretentious names (but hey, LA loves that)

Main: Lamb Chops & Kale Pesto Pasta

First of all, NAME ANOTHER SCHOOL THAT SERVES YOU LAMB. Okay, well to be fair, B-Plate also serves BISON and SALMON. So, this isn't a surprise, but seriously. LAMB?! The best part about it is that the Kitchen Staff know how to cook that lamb to a perfect, tender, and juicy finish.

But why are there two best main dishes? To answer that question, it was a TIE. Bruins are die-hard fans of this Kale Pesto Pasta. I'm sure there is a more accurate name for it, but all the Bruins I've asked have said: Kale. Pesto. Pasta.

Dessert:Vegan Brownies

The best part about these brownies is that you would have never guessed they were VEGAN in the first place. (Maybe it's better that way?)

FUN FACT: B-Plate has a 5 star rating on Yelp!

2. De Neve

Yes, I want S'more De Neve Desserts


This dining hall is always a great choice. No matter what day, what time, what mood, etc. De Neve has the comfort food to soothe you after you just totally bombed that test. Okay sure, B-Plate fanatics may call this dining hall the unhealthiest, but come on now who wouldn't want a cheat day with those Late Night Chicken Tenders?! This dining hall really hits home to when I lived in the San Fernando Valley. Sure, it's not exactly like Abuela's Tres Leches or your favorite taco truck's Al Pastor, but it's pretty up there. I must admit, De Neve is probably my favorite dining hall. I mean, how could it not? I bet those B-Plate fanatics and Wooden athletes sneak their way in here once in a while and grab a plate full of that steaming hot, fluffy, creamy deep dish chocolate cake! The best part about De Neve? Once you pass the crosswalk, it's literally right ahead of you, waiting for you, and calling your name. No more hills, no more stairs, no more tears, and no more sweat. And hey, everyone at De Neve is here to have a good time. Don't be ashamed to get in line for tacos for the 10th time tonight. I think fellow Bruin and Yelper Kyle W. sums it up the best: "De Neve - the place where you fill yourself up and end up with a big stomach :)"

Main:Shrimp Tacos & Tri-Tip with Chimichurri

Your fellow Bruins just simply could not decide between shrimp and tri-tip, and you know what? I couldn't either. The Shrimp Tacos are definitely something I will miss for the rest of my life after I graduate. What kind of college serves SHRIMP? like real, whole, and fresh shrimp? That's right WE do. In addition to that, we have the juiciest and most savory tri-tip in the college campus world. The best part? They have A1 sauce and Worcestershire sauce ready to go and at your service.

Dessert: Deep Dish S'mores with Vanilla Soft Serve

Not going to lie, this is probably one of the heaviest desserts at UCLA. But hey, IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Graham cracker crust, chocolate layers, and topped off with marshmallows and a tiny bit of graham crumbs. While you're at it, might as well go all the way and top it off with Vanilla Soft Serve. (Careful though, I've had that machine spray vanilla all over me THREE TIMES). This dessert became so popular that Covel even adopts it sometimes! But we all know it's a De Neve native.

Specialty Drink:Horchata

This was a very hard decision to make. The ever-so refreshing, crisp, and sweet nectar of agua de jamaica or the creamy, cinnamony, and refreshing taste of horchata? Well, considering that Feast has a similar "hibiscus" drink, horchata seemed to be the most unique to De Neve and the most popular to your fellow Bruins as well.

3. Feast 

Even after seeing this short film, I still want to eat Feast's Bao Buns...is that bad?


Craving Asian Food? This is your place to go! Coming from the San Gabriel Valley (A very highly-populated Asian community) it's pretty much almost impossible to impress me with Non-SGV Asian food. However, a little trip up those Death Stairs to Feast make me feel just a little bit closer to home (even though it's not exactlythe same) To be completely honest, Feast is a hit or miss for me. Sometimes, I'm extremely happy with my meal and sometimes it's just... meh.

BUT what I do absolutely LOVE is the representation and incorporation of various Asian populations and communities. As a proud Filipina-American, I was so excited when I saw them serve a traditional Filipino street food, Ukoy (seafood fritters). I know one may think, "well that's not much of a big deal," but growing up, the only food accepted from my culture was usually lumpia (spring rolls) and pancit (noodles). For the UCLA team to dive deep into their research and find a dish that can be shared and enjoyed by the diverse communities at UCLA is so heart-warming. That being said, Feast may be a hit or miss, but they have truly stolen my heart. The down part to Feast? Going up those DEATH STAIRS! However, as Kevin L. says, "It definitely is a feast up in here. You have to make that trek up the stairs but it might be worth it over the other dining halls."

Main: Dumplings and Bao Buns

Now, it may not exactly taste like the ones from home, but it's pretty darn close. Whenever Dumplings and Bao Buns are on the menu, you can see the capacity bar at Feast start to rise like a thermometer in the Sahara Desert.

Dessert:Green Tea Soft Serve with Fruity Pebble Toppings

Feast Green Tea Soft Serve is definitely one of the most underrated soft serve flavors at UCLA. Light, creamy, sweet, and a little...grassy? Oh yes, the Earthy taste of Green Tea Soft Serve. Oh, and what's that? A little light crunch of the Fruity Pebbles? Absolute PERFECTION.

Specialty Drink: Thai Tea or Milk Tea

Again, it's not Half-and-Half, Lollicup, Honeyboba and etc. quality, but it hits the Milk/Thai tea craving pretty darn good.

4. Covel 

You may even find the love of your life at Covel. I mean, those meatballs are really dreamy.


To be completely honest, it is only now that Covel has become more interesting to me. Up until recently, this place was known for regular pasta and dry chicken. However, I think Covel is really warming up to me these days! Don't tell Café 1919, but Covel has the best pizza on campus. Now, I used to think that Covel was really more on Italian and European food. I mean come on, they have a section called "Euro Kitchen" (which is fantastic by the way). Recently, however, I've noticed they threw in a couple wild cards in there such as "Pilipino Style Stir Fried Noodles" and even the classic "Beef and Chinese Broccoli." However, this is not what stands out to me. What stands out is the HUMMUS SELECTION. In fact, if you go on Yelp, a fellow Trojan stepped on Bruin territory and tried out Covel and left with these words: "The assortment of dips and spreads and hummus made my Trojan soul want to cry" - Rebecca W.

Main: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Turns out that a lot of Bruins really appreciate the classic Spaghetti and Meatballs! The heartwarming and soul-calming comfort food is usually available at Covel and it hits home for a lot of homesick students.

Dessert: Vanilla Soft Serve w/ Hazelnut Spread

Now, this is a particular creation that not a lot of people think of when they eat at Covel. Some people say Covel doesn't have that much dessert options. Those people, however, forget that one of the best things about Covel is their Hazelnut Spread. Get creative with it, and try your soft serve with a little (or a whole heaping spoon) of Hazelnut spread

So, what are you waiting for? Go right now and use your precious swipes OR find a freshman with 19p.

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