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Student Life

11 Things Only UCLA Students Would Ever Understand

You know you go to UCLA if you have encountered these bruin experiences.

11 Things Only UCLA Students Would Ever Understand,_Los_Angeles#/media/File:Janss_Steps,_UCLA.jpg

Everybody who does not go to UCLA knows the school by being the most applied-to-university in the U.S., having multiple NCAA championships, and being the number 1 public university in the U.S. UCLA is known for a lot of great things, but for those who are bruins, they know UCLA in a deeper way.

1. Everybody is bananas for bananas 


Everybody's healthy go-to snack is bananas. You would see bananas everywhere, from people eating them on their way to class, in people backpacks, and in people's pockets when exiting out the dining halls. Everyone at UCLA is bananas for bananas.

2. Walking around campus is a workout 


Walking around campus is a workout, there is no need to go to John Wooden and workout cause the hills kill you at UCLA. You will find yourself out breath when walking up Janss Steps or to your class in the first week of school or if you are like me, you will find yourself whipping out your inhaler because you are not used to the hills at school.

3. "I'm Premed"


If you ask every freshmen or individual who is from south campus what field they are trying to pursue, the likelihood of them saying "I'm premed" is very high. The dream of becoming a doctor at UCLA is common.

4. Birds


Birds have dominated Westwood and everyone is using them to get around campus. Birds are the new way to avoid all the hills.

5. Hydro Flasks and Birkenstocks 


Hydro Flasks and Birkenstocks are everywhere at UCLA. You would see a people carrying their Hydro Flask in their backpacks with stickers on them. For Birkenstocks (aka Jesus sandals) the sun does not have to shine for people to be wearing their Birkenstocks around campus.

6. The dining halls


Bruins do not lie when they say that UCLA dining hall food is the best. The food at UCLA is pretty damn good we have food for all the health nuts, Asian cuisine fanatics, for all the pizza and sandwich lovers. UCLA serves bomb food so Bruins watch out for the freshman 15!

7. The boba craze


Whether it is at Lollicup, Rendezvous, or Sip people are walking out with their bobas 24/7. There is a boba craze at UCLA and people could not escape it.

8. Princess & Elvis 

Daily Bruin

If you have not seen two huge husky dogs being walked around campus by a man in a fedora, I can only assume that you have been living under a rock. Paul Flaherty is the man in the fedora who always walks his two dogs, Princess and Elvis. The dogs and Mr. Flaherty are popular around campus, students are Bruins talking to him and taking pictures with his dogs.

9. You have been asked to sign a petition 


Walking down Bruin plaza can be annoying sometimes when you rushing to class and people are following you with their clipboards asking you to sign a petition.

10. Radical Preachers

Radical preachers sometimes make their way around Bruin walk and scream their nonsense shit out in public. Radical preachers have stupid and mean statements all the time, but I think its cool how there are students who stand up against the shit they say.

11. The superstition behind the inverted fountain 


Touching the water from the inverted fountain after orientation is a sin at UCLA. If you stick your hand in the inverted fountain before you graduate, good luck with graduating on time. Bruins, we all know that touching the inverted fountain before graduation is a sin, so don't touch it!

If you bleed blue and gold you may have seen or experienced all of the above. For new incoming freshmen well expect to see all of this to happen next week! Good luck and go Bruins!

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