Reflecting On Fictional Weddings As I Look At My Own
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Reflecting On Fictional Weddings As I Look At My Own

Looking at the awe and wonder our favorite romance movies gave us and how it is brought into our own relationships.

Reflecting On Fictional Weddings As I Look At My Own

This article is a response to: "5 Fictional Weddings Guaranteed to Make You Cry More Than a Royal Wedding."

As the author points out, there are so many wonderful wedding moments in movies that we all melt over. Personally, I have avidly watched all five of these movies and I can attest to these same emotions. I looked forward to the day I met someone as charming, witty, and sometimes aggravating as the main character always did. I saw the up and downs these movies showed and it gave me sense of happiness and hope that I would someday get to love someone that I could be my entire self around. The relationships in these fantasy worlds were not always perfect but they always had love.

When I think back on not only the weddings but the movies themselves, I see how much I was influenced by their fantasy appeal. I saw how happy this idea of a relationship made these fictional characters. It makes us all yearn for someone to look at us the same way Edward looks at Bella. It makes us want to have silly moments and pointless arguments the same way Jane and Kevin did. All my growing up days I filled my head with these scenarios that would one day fall in my direction. The weddings brought that love feeling to a permanent end.

Jumping into my present life, I have my own love now that I fortunately got to marry. It did not turn out the way the characters fates did but it had its own magic to it. When I first got into a relationship with my husband, I came into it thinking we would have this brilliant love life that had many ups and downs. Of course, we did. What relationship doesn't, but maybe not in the same cinematic appeal. These fictional characters show a fantasy of love that we all fawn over. It gives us happiness and light and tears, the same thing our own relationships give us. They might be amplified for the tv screens, but it still gives us those mix emotions that are felt in everyday life.

So, when we look at these weddings, the inevitable end to a happy beginning, we see the future for our own relationships. If we look at the elegance of the Breaking Dawn wedding or the whimsical one of that in 27 dresses or even the sentimental and serious wedding in the Time Traveler's Wife; we witness contrasting moments that all bring love in their own ways. My wedding was a very traditional type, but it brought so much love into one room. I get to keep a piece of time that I will treasure forever which is exactly what it did for all of our favorite characters.

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