36 Date Questions That'll Lead to Love
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36 Questions To Ask The Person You're Dating If You Want To Fall In Love

They're kind of like a therapy session.

36 Questions To Ask The Person You're Dating If You Want To Fall In Love

When you have a really great connection with someone, conversation comes naturally.

You can talk for hours, or just be with each other for hours, and you sometimes forget to find out things about them that you actually would love to know. Life is too short to not take in every moment you can with the people you love, and asking the right questions to take an average moment to a super adorable one is always worth it.

Here are 36 questions that will totally improve your relationship:

1. Do you have a place you go to that always feels like home? (Can be a literal place, or something that you do, etc.)

2. When you were younger, what qualities did you imagine in your dream partner? 

3. What's your dream honeymoon location? 

4. What's a moment that you felt most appreciated in any of your current, or past relationships?

5. What's one of the most important lessons in life that you can't wait to teach your kids one day? 

6. What does your dream home look like? (Have them google or pinterest what they want to show you)

7. What's something in life that you really want right now, but don't have?

8. Ask them to show you their baby pictures if you haven't seen them already! If you have, ask them what one of their favorite childhood memories is. 

9.  What celebrity (or in your own life) couple do you look up to the most as couple goals? 

10. Do you have any fears in life that are odd or unexplainable, or just completely weird? If not, what is one of your greatest fears in life?

11. If you could live in a TV show as any character, who would it be? 

12. What political issue are you most passionate about and would like to change? 

13. What are some things you've done in the past few weeks to get you closer to your goals? 

14. What is the ultimate thing that motivates you? (Can be a feeling, or a greater cause, or simply being crazy competitive, etc.)

15. What's something (simple and small, or difficult to achieve) that you've always wanted in a relationship but haven't had the chance to experience yet? 

16. What does your dream life look like? What would you be doing if you could be anywhere you wanted in life right now?

17. Do you have any family members that feel more like best friends than family? 

18. What is the biggest change, or growth, that you want to make progress with in yourself? (Be more confident, stay more positive, connect more with myself, etc.)

19. What's your favorite rom com? (Boys we know you have them)

20. What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

21. If you could live in any decade (for the style, lifestyle, etc), what would it be? 

22. Would you rather be filthy rich, or A-List celebrity level famous? 

23. What things in life make you have the most fun? 

24. Do you have a goofy sense of humor that you hide from most people or from the world? 

25. What was the most fun date you've ever been on? 

26. Think long term and what you can realistically accomplish in terms of your wildest dreams: What are you the most excited to achieve in the next ten years? 

27. How important is travel to you? Do you want to travel the world, or are you good with the idea of staying where you're at for a long time? Maybe you're somewhere in between? 

28. How did you get over your worst heartbreak? 

29. If I offered you several thousand dollars to visit any location this weekend, where would you take us? 

30. What is a type of music (artist, genre, etc.) that you listen to but are embarrassed to admit that you like as much as you do? 

31. Share a meme (video, tweet, post, etc) that makes you laugh but no one else you know thinks it's funny. (or is just really stupid). 

32. What's the hardest you've laughed with someone else and why? 

33. What's the craziest thing you've ever done? 

34. What do you do for self-care? What are the most important things you do to keep yourself feeling as best you can (mentally/spiritually/emotionally/etc)? 

35. What's a hobby that you wish you had more time to learn and would totally love to do? 

36. What things in life are you the most passionate about? 

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