The Best Crystals for College Students
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The Best Crystals for College Students

They're more than just sparkly, they're good for you

The Best Crystals for College Students
Craft Moor

It's a proven fact of science that humans are attracted to shiny things, things that sparkle in the sun and catch our eye. The Belgian researchers who conducted the study that came to this conclusion believe that our attraction to glossy and shiny items may have something to do with an evolutionary survival instinct that makes our minds associate shine with water. We need water to survive, therefore we find ourselves drawn to shiny things. As long as I have an excuse for hoarding shiny things, I don't care what the reason is.

When I say I hoard shiny things, I'm referring specifically to crystals and gemstones. To say that I have a collection is a bit of an understatement; I have an obsession. The upside to having an obsession with something is that you usually end up becoming very knowledgeable in the field that said obsession pertains to, and my obsession in no different.

In my relationship with crystals, I have learned that different rocks and gems have different vibrational frequencies, and therefore can work to increase and aid our own vibrations in ways that can help us in various aspects of our lives. In other words, some rocks can help you with memory, others with patience, others will help to center you, and so on. As a college student, I am all in when it comes to things that will make my education more understandable and less stressful, and since we're talking crystals, I'm double all in, so here's a list of the best crystals for students.

1. Fluorite

According to Mark Naea's website, Life's Treasures: The Andara Crystal Experts, fluorite is “the ultimate multi-tasking gemstone." As Naea's explains, “Fluorite's crystalline Hexoctahedral structure is the most symmetrical geometric solid possible in three-dimensional space." What does that mean? Basically, fluorite likes to be organized, and because it likes to be organized, it can help you to declutter your life, hone your focus, jumpstart your brain, and cleanse yourself from negative energies.

2. Blue Kyanite

The term “kyanite" is actually derived from the Greek word for dark blue which is “kyaneos," so when you say, “Blue Kyanite" it's kind of like saying, “Blue Blue." Kyantie comes in many different colors, but as the name suggests, blue is the most common. Kyanite is a unique crystal in that it does not hold onto negative energies and, due to its high vibrational frequency, it helps to increase positive energies in your aura and align your chakras. What student couldn't use a little more positivity and balance in their lives?

3. Carnelian

A form of orange Chalcedony, Carnelian is a crystal that definitely pulls its weight when it comes to helping out students. Carnelian helps to promote motivation and creativity, which makes it perfect to keep you from stagnating or getting buried under work around the middle of the semester. Carnelian also helps to relieve joint pain and discomfort, and replaces angry energies with loving ones. In general, Carnelian is a great crystal for keeping energies moving to keep you from getting stuck or bogged down.

4. Amethyst

Another crystal with Greek origins to its name, Amethyst was a young woman on the run from Dionysus' drunken wrath. When she called out for help from Diana, Amethyst was transformed into a clear crystal (quartz) because the Greek Gods and Goddesses seemed to delight in turning fleeing maidens into inanimate objects. When Dionysus saw what his actions had done, he spilled his whine on Amethyst and it saturated the crystal until it became purple. Long story short, Amethyst is a stone that has held healing significance for those who are ailed with pain or experiencing stress throughout time, making it a great stone for students. Plus, now you have a cool story to tell your friends when they ask you about it.

5. Tiger's Eye

Actually worn by Roman soldiers into battle for protection, Tiger's Eye is a stone that is now commonly considered a great stone for children. The soft vibrations that Tiger's Eye puts out provide the carrier with a gentle sense of calming, helping to still any nerves and offer a sense of comfort. This is a perfect crystal in companion with Amethyst to stick on your bedside table and carry with you on exam day.

Now that you have an excuse, go treat yourself to some shiny things!

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