5 Best Concert Venues in Wisconsin
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5 Best Concert Venues in Wisconsin

5 Best Concert Venues in Wisconsin

There were many noteworthy performances by famous artists in the concerts of Wisconsin in the past. Examples include Coldplay, E-Street, and Robert Cray.

If you are looking for some quality entertainment in Wisconsin, then this list of the top 5 concerts in Wisconsin will help you a long way, because the place is as important as the artist that performs in it.

1. The Sylvee - Madison, WI

Image Credit: Chris Lotten

If you are a kind of person who dances to music, then this venue would be best for you; since the main floor is a general admission area without any seats, you can dance all you want during the show. Or if you prefer to watch the show seated, you can make use of the balcony that includes some seats. The coat check is also nice-something you don't find in every concert.

The great acoustics and nice spacious interior make this an excellent venue to witness your favorite musicians.

Address: 25 S Livingston St, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 709-8157

2. Fiserv Forum - Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Bucks Fiserv Forum Open House

Credit:NBAE/Getty Images

This is one of the most popular venues you would find in the state. Boasting a huge seating capacity of 18000, this recently constructed venue serves as a central recreational hub for the people of Milwaukee.

The Fiserv Forum has everything you need to have a comfortable time: various concession areas, a number of accessibility options, numerous restrooms, and ample parking space.

Address: 1111 Vel R. Phillips Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: (414) 227-0511

3. Resch Center - Green Bay, WI

The Resch Center is one of the newest and largest venues in the region which hosts a variety of events, not just musical concerts, all around the year. It is a relatively large venue that can seat 10500 people.

Some of the renowned musicians who have performed gigs in this venue include Carrie Underwood, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, and Bad Wolves. Perhaps you can catch your favorite artist at this concert in the coming days? Just check the event calendar.

Address: 1901 S Oneida St, Green Bay, WI 54304
Phone: 800.895.0071

4. Pabst Theater - Milwaukee, WI

The Pabst Theater has been standing well over a century! It is, in fact, the fourth oldest theatre in the US that is in continuous operation and is one of the prominent landmarks of Milwaukee. This venue is undoubtedly a busy hub, with about 100 events being hosted every year. This opulent and traditional looking venue has the versatility to host a variety of events.

Address: 144 E Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: (414) 286-3205

5. Majestic Theatre - Madison, WI

This live music concert is the oldest in Madison; it was opened in 1906. It can accommodate up to 600 people. It is particularly famous for the hip hop genre and is also frequented by DJs. The small size makes it preferable for people who don't like large crowds.

More than a century old, this venue has hosted a huge variety of shows, including traditional silent films, "skin flicks" and magic shows. It also served as a dance club for a period!

Address: 115 King St, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 255-0901

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