Ditch Dunkin' And Try One Of These 11 Rhode Island Coffee Shops Instead
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Ditch Dunkin' And Try One Of These 11 Rhode Island Coffee Shops Instead

Check out local places to grab a coffee while supporting local businesses at the same time!

Ditch Dunkin' And Try One Of These 11 Rhode Island Coffee Shops Instead
The Coffee Exchange / Instagram

Iced coffee is the pinnacle to a great day. Theres nothing better than blasting music driving to the beach with the windows down and a good iced coffee in hand. Ditch your big corporate favorites like Dunkin' or Starbucks and try one of these local options!

1. Cool Beans Cafe, Narragansett

Located a short walk from Narragansett town beach and the sea wall, cool beans cafe is a quaint little coffee shop with lots of delicious choices! They have everything from chai to lunch sandwiches. I highly recommend trying their açai bowl for breakfast or a mid-day snack! Check out the menu on their website and make sure to stop by on your next beach day.

2. Main Street Coffee & Toscana Lounge, East Greenwich

This quaint little coffee shop is located on the most adorable street full of shops and restaurants. Check out their website here and plan a day to walk around and enjoy the area. They also serve an espresso martini, because what's better than coffee and alcohol combined?

3. Coffee Connection, Cumberland, Woonsocket, and North Providence

Coffee Connection is one of my all-time favorite coffee places in RI! Their specialty drinks are always amazing (get the Turtle, trust me), and they have an abundance of options for whatever mood you're in that day! Check out their Instagram here!

4. TLC Coffee Roasters, West Kingston

Located on Route 138 (an excellent back road to beat route 4 beach traffic FYI), TLC Coffee Roasters actually lets you make your own coffee just the way you like it. They offer a ton of different flavors to choose from as well which vary from day to day!

5. New Harvest Coffee & Spirits, Providence

Who doesn't love a good latte? New Harvest coffee makes the most Instagram-able latte art you've ever seen. Their coffee is sold to many other shops around the state, probably because it's just that good.

6. The Beehive Cafe, Bristol

This place really lives up to the buzz. Located right near Bristol Harbor, the Beehive cafe is the perfect spot for brunch or just a quick cup of coffee on the go! Check out the menu here.

7. Coffee Grinder, Newport

This is by far one of the cutest places on the list! The Coffee Grinder is the definition of coffee with a view! After a long day of shopping or laying on the beach, you can relax in their Adirondack chairs on the deck (and meet Holly, their unofficial mascot).

8. White Electric Coffee, Providence

Head over to the west side of Providence for an electrifying coffee experience! I love the decor and the vibe this place gives off and I especially love their iced mocha. White Electric claims they have the best coffee in Providence head out to check out if it lives up to that title!

9. The Coffee Exchange, Providence

Not only can you head into the Coffee Exchange to get a soul awakening cup of coffee, BUT they also deliver their organic, fair trade coffee straight to your doorstep! Delicious coffee plus not having to put pants on is a total win in my book.

10. Java Madness, Wakefield

This quirky little coffee shop overlooks the Salt Pond Marina. You can check out the menu here to decide what you're going to get while sitting in beach traffic on the way to spend a day at the ocean.

11. Bagelz, Kingston

Located in the URI emporium, this coffee shop is a hot spot for studying students to grab a good cup of coffee and hangout. They offer many seasonal and local flavors for whatever mood you're in.

Now get out there and drink all the local coffee you can until your hands shake.

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