Best Album of 2017: After Laughter by Paramore

Best Album of 2017: After Laughter by Paramore

"Oh please, I bet everybody here is fake happy too"

The anticipation for After Laughter was a long, great journey. 2013 was the last time Paramore had released an album, their self titled album, and it seemed like forever waiting for this one. I didn't think the band could get any more raw and real with their music but After Laughter proved me wrong. There were other great albums released this year don't get me wrong. (I'm talking about Lorde, SZA, Kendrick, etc.) But After Laughter made me feel something more to it.

There was some back lash to the different sound this album had and I get it, it wasn't the same old Paramore that first started out in 2004 but that's just the beauty of it. The components built into this album was from the growth of the band as individuals and their fans.

They did a great job doing it, honestly. In a New York Times interview, they stated "We’ve gotten to a point with our new music where we don’t really want to headbang anymore.” and I felt that on a personal level. I wasn't 15 anymore at the front of shows in my hometown headbanging, spending ridiculous money on merch and begging my parents to drop me off early and letting me stay late to meet the band members; I became the person who ended up in the back of the concert or in seats, drinking cheap beer, and dancing with my friends while making sure the young ones around us were safe.

I don't know when I reached that point but at some point in time I couldn't do crowds anymore. There are a few bands out there that will still make my wallet bleed dry and make me go to the end of the world for great seats and a meet and greet, Paramore being one of them.

The sound and message on this album made me want to dance happily and cry all at the same time. Personally, I'm a firm believer music is constantly evolving, your favorite bands included whether you like it or not, and that's okay. Paramore does a really great job of doing it and that's just a personal opinion.

For those of you who don't know, this album also included a returning member who was one of the originals, Zac Farro, the drummer. He left originally for personal reasons but returned all things aside. He directed the music video for Fake Happy, performed his band's music, and made everything feel like the good 'ole days. Taylor York, their rhythm guitarist, helped co-produce the album which was also his first real production credit. Hayley stated herself via. Instagram that he literally reimagined their band's sound and kudos to this music genius because their new sound is beautiful.

This album also included Hayley's vulnerability and that takes a lot for someone to construct an entire album on it. To lay out everything emotionally for everyone to see; I love you, and thankful for you to share your relatable journey with each and every one of us.

With that being said, if you haven't heard this album already I highly suggest you give it a listen. I'm sure you've heard Hard Times or Told You So on the radio in your local hometown but without a doubt please listen to a few of my favorites: Tell Me How, Rose-Colored Boy, and Fake Happy.

Cover Image Credit: Angela Lertkiratikul

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Cover Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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