Bernie, You Need To Control Your Supporters
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Bernie, You Need To Control Your Supporters

There is more that unites us than divides us.


Over the weekend as I was scrolling through social media, I came across a video that was very upsetting to me. This video consisted of protestors at a Hillary Clinton rally in California on Friday evening yelling, cursing and getting in the faces of some of Hillary's most avid supporters that came out to hear her speak. As the rally was over and the Clinton supports began to leave, the protestors surrounded both sides of the walkway with signs, posters and megaphones. These protestors held signs that read "Send her to hell" and "Frack you Killary." At one point in the video, that went viral on Facebook, you can even hear a protester yelling yelling the expletive, "F*** you Shillary" in front of small children, who seem to have frightened looks on their faces.

I have to admit, it was very disheartening to watch. I was so upset that I could not even finish watching the video. It was even reported that a man took an HRC sign right out of the hand of a small child that Hillary had signed for her and ripped it in half. One would assume that these protesters were hardcore Donald Trump supporters or intense Hillary-hating right wingers, but in reality... they were Bernie Sanders supporters, and this is unacceptable.

Sanders's supporters are infamous for protesting Donald Trump rallies, even to the point of shutting them down. While I do not agree with shutting down rallies, this is a little more understandable. But what I do not understand is treating Hillary supporters with such villainous behavior. We are all on the same side of this fight. Our real enemy at large is Donald Trump, and after the primaries are over we must unite as a party and defeat such a fascist. What I do not understand is the fact these Sanders supporters treat us Hilary supporters this way, yet they expect us to come to their side. If Bernie (hypothetically) was to win this primary contest, do these supporters really expect all of Hillary's supporters to unite behind a man whose supporters treated them this way?

Sanders's supporters are also known to be online bullies who harass and taunt Clinton supporters with crude, racist, and sexist remarks. As a Clinton supporter myself, who shows his support online publicly, I have received death threats, have been called "an idiot who deserves to rot in hell," and I have been told that Hillary is a "b****." I will repeat, this is unacceptable and Bernie, it is your job to set the tone of your campaign and control your supporters.

Recently, Donald Trump has been harked by the public, those in the media, and even Hillary herself for setting such a negative tone in his campaign. A tone that invokes violence at his rallies... violence and actions that he does not condemn but should. Well, Bernie... it is time you stop acting like Donald and condemn the terrible actions of your most avid supporters that have pure evil in their hearts toward Hillary and her followers. We all have one goal here, and that is to defeat Donald and put a Democrat in the White House.

In an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC over the weekend, Sanders told Rachel he is completely fine with the actions of his supporters and it is acceptable. Bernie Sanders, you are wrong. I understand supporting the right to protest, but peacefully protesting is one thing and getting in the faces of children with megaphones yelling “f*** you, Hillary” is another. It is deplorable, disgusting and it needs to end now. You do not see Hillary supporters getting in the faces of women and children at Sanders rallies ripping up their signs.

I am slowly becoming terrified of the hate you have invoked in the radical left of this party. The reason we won so enormously in 2008 was because we came together as a united party with the love of family, and we defeated the Republicans. But I fear that you, Senator Sanders, have generated so much hate within your supporters for not only Hillary, but the everyday people that support her as well.

Now that it is clear Hillary will be our nominee, it is time to change the tone of the campaign, the hate rhetoric and control your supporters. We must come together with love, fight for the issues on our platform and defeat Donald Trump. Just as Hillary said on the night of her New York victory, "To those who support Senator Sanders, there is more that unites us than divides us."

So please, Bernie, enough with the anger, enough with the hate rhetoric and enough with making Clinton out to be an evil witch that deserves to be burned at the stake. It is time to control your campaign's tone and control your supporters.


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