I have many, many, many goals in life: get my bachelor's degree in publishing, find a job editing books, move on to edit comics or scripts for Marvel (fingers are so tightly crossed that they're wrapped around each other and double knotted for that one), go to Paris so I can be like Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina," to make enough money to afford whatever I want from Tiffany's (another Audrey dream), and to go to Italy, where my great-grandmother came from in the twenties.

I also have a ridiculous amount of unrealistic goals as well, but I won't delve into those because, unfortunately, I rewind time to prevent the emotional instability that Marvel has caused me...so yeah, they're very much a wish. Also...being another foot taller would be nice too…being above five feet would be such an adventure.

Now, I bet that some of you have noticed that something is missing from the things I've rambled on about above. If you've thought "What about a relationship? Getting married?", then yes, you are one hundred and ten percent correct. Here's my mentality about this, and hopefully I can explain it well enough that it makes sense:

My happiness, my goals, and my career come first. Always.

Before you say anything, here's where the explaining comes in! I've spent my life putting everyone else's happiness and needs before my own, and there's really not much wrong with that, save select situations. I was raised to have a servant's heart. To be something that I wasn't comfortable being. As I've gotten older, my independent nature has grown along with me. And, to the surprise of most, I've never had too much desire to be in a relationship. I've always just thought about what I want out of life now that I can actually be what I chose.

Let me say now, there's no way that I'm going to be giving that up anytime soon. I crave freedom and independence. I crave adventure, travel, and just...life. I can't let a significant other hold me back from what I want in life...and I can't possibly make them sacrifice what they want so I can have my life either. I cannot put in the effort, time, and patience that maintaining that kind of relationship deserves to have. So, I choose to not be in a relationship. I can't continue to let things burden me down and keep me from being my best self.

While friends, family, and other loved ones are extremely important to me, those are easy to manage and they all encourage my growth and goals. They know my heart and mind, so they know how determined I am when I have my mind set on something.

So yes, I am very much single. No, I really don't desire a relationship...to have a man, as many of my customers put it. I choose my education. I choose my career. I choose my life.

And for once, I choose me.