Benefits of reading books
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Books: Power for students

In books, you can learn from experience and emphasize something important for yourself.

Books: Power for students

Strange, but there are not so many who read books. For those who consider books to be the main source of knowledge, this is really strange. We will not take adults over 30. They do not have time for this. How they think. Let's talk about young people, let's call them students.

Students have free time. Everything fills it with something. Some are frankly bored, some watch TV and play games, and some constantly roam the streets. Why doesn't anyone sit in a chair with a smart book instead and try to change their life?
In my opinion, there are two reasons. Fear, insecurity, or constant procrastination. The student does not mind reading, but something stops him. Some kind of barrier. Or the well-known procrastination.The young man does not understand why reads books at all. What's the point of this?

Surely there are other reasons. I only brought two. In the first case, you need to overcome yourself. Take and start. And then get involved. The second is to understand that turning pages and peering at letters is extremely useful. There are many reasons to read. Hopefully, more than not read. We are talking about non-fiction literature, not fiction books. The latter is read mainly for entertainment.

I will tell you one reason why you should start reading. This reason is directly related to the idea of my blog.
By reading, you develop. From books you get information that can affect you, thereby changing your life for the better. This is self-development, and as for me, in its best form. There is nothing left. Understand that reading books affects life in general. positive and gradual. Don't believe? Try it!

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