6 Reasons It’s Better To Watch The Movie Before Reading The Book
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6 Reasons It’s Better To Watch The Movie Before Reading The Book

Behind most great movie adaptations, there are greater books.

6 Reasons It’s Better To Watch The Movie Before Reading The Book
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Some movies are based loosely or entirely off of books written by authors with bizarre but wonderful imaginations. Movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter… how can you be at peace without knowing every niggling detail that the movies left out?

If you’re one of the types that think it’s not necessary to read the book because you’ve already seen the movie, I’ll try to convince you otherwise. Here’s why it’s better to see the movie, then read the book.

1. You already know exactly what the characters are like

So, it’s much easier to remember them when they show up in the book. You can see their faces in your head, almost hear their voices and basically, get to enjoy a more in-depth experience than if you’d just read the book alone or just watched the movie.

2. It’s like seeing the movie again… but in 4D

When you just see the movie, you don’t get to feel like you’re in the story too. You may not root for the characters as much as you could’ve. But, reading the book afterward, plants you more firmly into the scenes and takes you along for the ride of your life.

3. The differences between them won’t be as annoying

I don’t know what annoys me more than reading an awesome book and then seeing a terrible movie adaptation. All the joy gets sucked out of the experience because my expectations were crumbled.

But, if you watch the movie first, there are no expectations and when you find out about the differences, the pain isn’t so acute.

4. You basically know everything that’s going to happen

“What’s the point if I already know exactly what’s going to happen?” You ask.

That IS the point! You know it’s going to happen, so you can expect it to happen! It’s incredibly satisfying to read how the story moves along because you get to take your time and appreciate the little interesting points of the book.

5. There might still be some surprises

We know the movies don’t put in everything from the books. Imagine how much longer and glorious the Harry Potter series would have been… My point is, there may still be some unspoiled and completely unexpected moments for you to savor.

6. You get to know all the tiny but incredible details

How will you have a complete conversation about the topic if you haven’t seen the movie and then read the book? All in the details are in the book!

Try it out. Watch the movie then read the book. You won't be disappointed.

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